The Imo state police police command have arraigned 144 indegenous people of Biafra (IPOB) women who were protesting on 17th of August in Imo state capital.

According to our correspondent who attested the protest revealed that the women were near hundred bearing placards which was inscribed "Free Nnamdi Kanu". Some of the protesting women were in semi-nude; but the protest was marred when men of the Nigerian police arrived in the scene.

It was gathered that police on arriving on the protest ground, teargassed and arrested the protesting women, parked them inside a small cell; a picture shared by one of the women on social media inside the cell shows how they were jampacked, which some of the arrested mensurating women slept on top of their blood alongside other nursing mother's, others.

Today, 20th of August, Nigerian police arraigned the 44 arrested protesters before Imo state magistrate Court which the outcome was yet to be gathered by our correspondent who went there to witness the court session.

More details soon...