Cameroon's President Paul Biya has been re-elected for a seventh term, meaning that he will rule Cameroon for next 7 years and will be 92 years of age by then. His winning was announced by the country's constitutional council on Monday, 22 October, extending his 36-year rule over the nation.

The 85 year-old president won 71.3 percent of the vote, winning nine other candidates in an election marred by
violence and low voter turnout.

Biya was announced the winner of the tensely contested election amid high security presence in Yaounde and other major cities in the nation.

Riot police and security personnel were deployed to major streets in Douala ahead of the announcement.

Security operatives surrounded the homes of two opposition leaders Sunday, preventing them from attending a planned protest calling for the annulment
of the election.

Meanwhile, the southern part of the Cameroon has intensified the agitation to dismember it's self from Cameroon owing that Cameroonian government has subjugated the anglophone speaking Cameroon to unfair, inhumane and unlawful treatment.

Some of the separatist leaders were still held in Nigerian prisons since 2015. The successionist 'Armbazonia' southern part of Cameroon has been a theatre of war which has lead to the death of many.

Ambazonia, prior to the poll urged his members to boycott the election as the emergence of Biyar is of certain because of his dictatorial vow to rule the country for life.

The election results were announced today and as usual, since 36 years, The dictator Paul Biyar emerged as the winner.