The need for ladies to screen their guy to pick the best that she can spend the rest of her life with can not be undermine. Women desire to choosing someone compatible to them. Every woman is seriously searching for husband material and Throwback Times want you to know the type of men you should not get married to so that you won't be subjected to psychological, emotional and physical trauma and thereafter regret your marriage.

Our last relationship article was about bad type of women men shouldn't get married to and this time we are talking about unmarriageable men. However, below types of men are not worthy spending rest of life with as you know that marriage is a lifetime contract.

1. A Control Freak : Everyone likes to do some things themselves but if you as a woman ever got married to a man who is a control freak, he can often become intimidating and even abusive both physically or mentally. Run for your dear life, you don’t need to be controlled by a freak.

2. A Promiscuous Man: A promiscuous man is a man who cheats constantly and even in your presence. In Nigeria, most women usually believe that once he married he would stop cheat. Well, the reverse is the case because he will only get better in the act. It is a bad idea to consider such a man for marriage. Cheats hardly change who they are, no matter how many times they promise they will.

3. A Mummy’s Pet/Boy: It is adorable if you have a man who cares for his mother but when he begins to worship her, his
wife-to-be will have no value and loses his attention. This kind of man can not do a thing without seeking decisions from his beloved mother. He will always tell you “My mom doesn’t do it that way,” and whatever happens, he will consult his mother as being your marriage counselor, too.

4. A Highly Handsome Man: When you marry a handsome man you have to get ready for regular chase from all the girls in your neighborhood. However, this type of man is also very conscious of his body and might be the one ordering for the latest cream and perfume. You would have a lot to input if you consider this kind of man for marriage.

5. A Pushover Man: Like earlier mentioned, everybody likes to do things their own way. So when you find a guy who lets you do whatever you want and doesn’t complain about it, you want to grab him up. But after a while, you’ll find yourself making and executing all the decisions. And then you’ll find yourself complaining and lamenting because he doesn’t pull his own
weight. However, such men are usually dependent in all life situations and you wouldn't like to marry such man.

6. The Manly Man: This type of man talks constantly about sports, beer, and hunting all the time. He does not help out in the kitchen and would not help out with changing diapers as well. He is also not romantic and is likely to forget Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary. Don’t get it wrong, he shouldn’t be weak or too strong, an average is the best because there is time for everything.

7. A Man Apprehensive Of Commitment : There are men who are highly afraid to commit likewise who have the same issue of being afraid to commit to anything. If he is afraid of commitment then it is no use convincing him that committing to a marriage is a good idea. And if he finally decides to knuckle down and commit, watch out for loopholes. He might not be as committed as he says he is. If he used to be a commitment-phobe, he may still be.

8. A Dishonest Man: This is the most wrong relationship you shouldn't think of involving yourself. He is a bloody liar, a deceiver, and has no integrity. There are two things that will happen if you marry such a man.
(i)  You will start lying like him

(ii) You will give birth to kids with worse characters. Eventually, all these will consequently cause physical, emotional and psychological damages in the family, a damage that he history may never forget.

9. The Addict: If you ever suspect he might be an alcohol (dipsomaniac), cigarettes, drugs, etc addict, then it is better to avoid yourself from future trauma and unhappiness by looking
for someone else. Dating an addict automatically puts you and your family in second place and also at risk of all round abuse. Stay clear from them my dear.

10. A Nagger: Don't ever pray to be with a man who nags because he nags and vents his anger on everyone in the house. You don’t want to be around when he is exhibiting this trait. A male nag is even worse than its female counterpart.

11. The Too Know More Than You: Getting married to a brilliant or intelligent man is good but be careful if you are not knowledgeable enough like him. He will always tell you that he knows more than you, you are just a woman what do you know. Considering marriage with this kind of man will involve your
self-esteem being battered at every point, even when you are right and he is wrong. Remember, nothing is more annoying than being told you are wrong when you know you are right.

12. An Ungenerous Man: A stingy man will always finds it difficult to be generous with his material possessions, even when he has more than enough to share, might not be the best
family man. Marriage involves a lot of sharing and if he is too self-obsessed to see the needs of someone else, that union would end up being lopsided.

13. A Polygamist:  Most men are polygamous in nature, although
some who grew up in such homes will not want a repeat experience. However, if he says he would love to have a second wife while he is still dating you, the truth is that he is openly saying he would cheat on you. You might be lucky not to have a mate, but you will surely have many rivals who he will be cheating with. If he is unfaithful during courtship he will also be unfaithful and a cheat freak during the marriage.

14. An Unambitious Man: Unambitious man could be attributed If he is older than 35 and he is still unsure about what his desired job is, or is not currently working or looking for a job, you better question that. Nigerian men like to settle their careers before proposing, don’t forget that, yours shouldn’t be different. A man is the head of his family and should know where he is heading to, in
order to lead right.

15. An Insecure Man: A man who is always paranoia about every single person that comes close to you, then think twice about making him your life partner. A marriage would not last long
if one partner consistently suspects the other of being unfaithful.

16. A Disrespectful Man:  A man who disrespect you or even
everyone, in general, is not a husband material. Respect is very important and reciprocal in every relationship and if you constantly feel disrespected, then it certainly would not lead to a
happy home.

17. The Bossy Man: A man who boss you around is insecured. He always wants to know where you are at every time and who you are speaking with on the phone. He can even go as far as confirming you are in a said place, and if you are not, all hell would be let loose. You don’t need this kind of man.

18. A Secretive Man: As a matter of psychological fact, men are generally known to talk less than women and as such can keep secrets from their spouses for a very long time. Not to forget also that it takes a lot of energy to conceal something from someone you claim to love. A man who is very secretive may develop a wicked heart over time, and you don’t need to be shocked with the bad news of what he did five years ago. This
kind of man can have a kid outside, and make sure you never get to know about it. He may even be into an illegal business and you will only know when the police come for both of you. If he
is not willing to share some heart to heart issues with you, especially about his past and present, do not consider walking down the altar with him.

19. A Man Who Still Love His Ex: This type of man always says he loves you every time but he still creates time for his EX lover in the disguise of ‘just friends’. He hasn’t really gotten over her and he keeps making comparison of you with her at the slightest chance. He can never truly love you like he claims because he still has remains of ex in his heart and this will continue even after he marries you, so don’t even say yes to him until you are sure he is emotionally detoxified.

20. A Perfectionist: This type of man is always punctilious about
everything like his clothes, food, house, and properties. It extends to how he feels about you. A perfectionist would always try to make you perfect, and if it is not working, he would wonder
whether you are the perfect woman for him or if there is someone out there who perfectly fits into his dream woman.

21. A Relationship Novice: Getting married to a guy who has never dated anyone before you is a whole lot of tasks as compared to the one who had several girlfriends before settling down. He would know nothing about handling a woman or dealing with a relationship. So get ready to head the ship if you
must marry him. On the other hand, you must question the fact that he has been single all the while, it could be a trap or he might be hiding something from you.

22. An Abusive Man: An abusive man is the man who abuses you physically, emotionally and psychologically and you don't have to spend the rest of your life with and abusive man as you know that marriage is a lifetime contract. Statistics show that it starts with one slap and continues till it gets to a stab and then murder. Girlfriend, be wise and secure your future by letting him go, a better man will come around sooner than you think.

23. A Gangster: This issue is vague as a matter of psychological fact that we don't know why and how most ladies get attracted to
gangsters and bad boys. There’s just something mysterious and romantic about marrying a militant or a terrorist. He appears
to offer you security with his wild personality, but the truth is that a societal rebel will also rebel in his marriage and the worse is that he will produce rebellious kids. There are more responsible men out there, a rebel is not worth your love.

24. A Narcissist: Narcissistic is personality disorder. A person who is a narcissist is so convinced of their own greatness that they don’t see their weaknesses. Marrying a narcissist is a
very lopsided relationship. They’re always trying to flaunt their own greatness often at the expense of others. He will always show harsh superiority and conceited. The marriage will usually be all about him and with time you will become invisible.

These kinds of men are not marriageable so try to get rid of them only if you are ready to regret your marriage with them and at the same time causing yourself an indelible emotional and psychological pain. Women Be Wise!