Throwback Times has learnt that the Nigerian army have procured toy drone to fight kidnapping, banditry and Bokoharam at huge amount of fund. 

According to This is a "drone" unveiled with much fanfare by the Nigerian army to fight and survey bandits and  kidnappers in Ekiti and Ondo States.

 Each of the two states will get one of these toys to fight kidnapping. This is the drone that children in America get as
Christmas present and fly around for fun around their homes.

I regularly get email ads asking me to buy it as a present. Some versions cost as as low as $50. Vloggers and photographers fit it with cameras to carry out their activities.

The absurdity of this anti-kidnapping/banditry "drone" is matched only by the gargantuan amount of money the Army may have claimed to have spent on it.

The bandits and kidnappers do not even have to waste a bullet on this contraption as they can bring it down or destroy it with a simple sling. Said by a facebook user.

By the look of things, it appears that Nigerian army is not serious in fighting terrorism in the country. In the recent Bokoharam attacks, the Army chief of staff, Turkur Buratai, said that Bokoharam and banditry perpetuated as a result of soldiers apathy.

Meanwhile soldiers have replied Buratai, while lamenting bitterly that they have been are fighting with obsolete weapons in modern warfare which is not supposed.

And also political influences seemed to have made Nigerian army a feeble organization in fighting current internal terrorism which have since trembling the country.