Onitsha Social Media Foundation was founded by Ifeonyemetalu Divine or Gwen Divy Ifeson in 2018. She was born 1992 and hailed from Abagana in Anambra State Nigeria.

Ifeonyemetalu Divine Gwen Ifeson


The former appellation of the organization was Onitsha Social Media Connect (OSMC) and recent changes to the name is "Onitsha Social Media Foundation (OSMF)" (June, 2019).

Ifeonyemetalu Divine established the organization with a group of friends. At first, the organization was encountering hitches with regard to publicity, mobilization and funding.

This compelled the Chief co-founder and pioneer president, Ifeonyemetalu to increase the awareness of the group by using multiple campaign mediums and methodologies to air the existence and the activities of the group and at the same time seeking support and mobilization. The organization later strived to achieve many community development and educational projects.

Some of the members of OSMF


Onitsha is located on the eastern bank of the River Niger and the largest city in southeastern Nigeria characterized as an economic hub for industry, commerce and education and highly populated due to economic activities. Onitsha also has a big internationally known market called "Onitsha Main Market" which started 1506 (sixteenth century).

For the fact that Onitsha has been an economic hub and is highly populated, many activities have constituted nuisance in the city such as pollution, high crime rate, corruption, high number of primary and secondary school impoverished dropouts roaming in streets, etc.

Divine been a resident and a lover of the city, she started the foundation and uses social media as a tool to engineer the course towards making Onitsha a better place.

Fund Raisings:

The organization's constitution established that every member pays monthly dues (amount unknown) and secondly, the organization sources major fund from sponsorships.

Official Logo:

This is official logo of Onitsha Social Media Foundation (OSMF) or (OSMC)



The organization has actualized lots of projects which had impacted positively to Onitsha city and its inhabitants, including its environs. Some of the achievements by OSMF so far were stated below:

•Hospital visitation at General hospital (July 2018)

•Back to School project for indigent children (August 2018)

•Digital training for youths in partnership with Start up Anambra  (September 2018)

•Onitsha Social Media Awards (December 2018)

•Voting Sensitization and Election safety  (February 2019)

•Hospital Visitation at Iyienu Hospital (April 2019)

•Google Digital Training (June 2019)

Mr and Miss Onitsha City Beauty and Brains (July 2019)