This is a throwback song by the finest defunct Nigerian music group, Styl-Plus (originally STYL). This music group is an R&B and pop musical group quartet.

The founding members were Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi, the name STYL being the initial alphabet from the founders' first names.

In 1998, Lanre Faneyi died after a lingering illness, and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group. This led to the group being renamed Styl-Plus, the "Plus" means the new addition to the group.

In 2002 Yemi Akinwonmi left the group and the musical band became a trio without adding a new member. Starting 2003, the group had its own record label, STYL-PLUS.

In February 2017, it was reported that Tunde Akinsanmi left the group in 2012, leaving Shifi and Zeal as the flag bearers of the group. Tunde has since adopted own stage name "Tunde T dot" to pursue solo music career.

This song was released on 2003