The ENDSARS demonstration had birthed irrevocable revolution in Nigeria. Prior to this situation, Nigerians had lodged complaints constantly to the Government of Nigeria to scrap the notorious police unit known for abduction, maiming and killings, selling of body parts of Innocent citizens to ritualists etc.

Recent years, The police unit degenerated to something else, both in manner of operation and rough dressing code. As the protests continue peacefully, as expected, the blood tasty Nigerian Army compelled by Asorock Fulani Forces launched operation and killed hundreds and many sustained various degrees of injuries.

In this sequel, Nigerian popular artists, actresses, actors, musicians,  youths, and stars spearheaded the protest to register the grievances of Nigerians and demand for a better Nigeria. But unfortunately, the Nigerian Government decides to use brute force which escalated the situation and as a matter of fact had caused the death of at least 500 people nationwide momentarily.

Giving circumstantial report, the aggrieved vibrant Nigerian youths had embarked on destroying properties belonging to the Nigerian Government and prominent people who auspiced the ugly situation.

Such incidence had as a matter of historical fact caused many wars (eg in China) where citizens revolt against the government. It is a known fact that no country survives revolution without disintegration or unless by Miracle.

Currently, UN, and entire world have registered their anger against the Nigerian Government to stop killing peaceful demonstrators and meet their demands but Nigerian government refused. The protest is now taking place in other countries of the world such as UK, US, Ghana, etc.

The United Nations, according to speculations may send peacekeeping mission military and others to quell the situation, this is because the stubborn government may lose control over the situation soon.