Augustus was the great nephew of Julius Caesar. He own name was Octavian and he was born in the year 63 B. C. Julius Caesar adopted the young Octavian and made him his heir. When Julius Caesar was murdered, Octavian decided to avenge his death. 

With Mark Anthony, he defeated the murderers of Julius Caesar at the battle of Phillipi. He and Anthony divided the countries of the Roman world between them. Octavian took the West and Anthony the East. But later the two quarrelled. 

Octavian defeated Anthony in Battle and became master of the Roman World. Octavian has learned from his Uncle's death that the Romans hated dictatorship. He did not call himself king. He was given the titles 'Augustus', meaning 'The Majestic One' and 'Imperator', meaning 'Holder of military power'.

Augustus made the army stronger and more efficient. He gave the Roman provinces a better government by choosing wise men as governors. He built such good roads that he could easily journey to look after the provinces. Because the Senate was weak Augustus was able to carry out his plans. 

He helped great writers like Virgil, Horace and Livy whose books are still read in schools today. He made Rome a beautiful city and built other great cities in the Roman Empire. Jesus Christ was born during his time. 

When Augustus died in A. D 14, the Roman Empire was strong, prosperous and at peace. The Romans honoured Augustus by naming one of the months of the year after him - The month of August.