Shock As Fake Corpse Adjusted His Body Bag For Comfort While Ukraine Journalist Was Telecasting Live (Video)

Throwback Times Nigeria has captured the moment Ukraine Television committed blunder after fake corpse adjusted his body bag for comfort while journalist was telecasting live. 

However this development has betrayed the insincere and deceptive activities and arrangements of the West and others just to label Russian President Vladimir Putin as killer and as well as has committed war crimes. 

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 2022  invaded Ukraine after she tried to join NATO and West having shared very close border with Russian perceived enemy, The West. 

After the conflict broke out, West and other allies began to supply ammunition to Ukraine to Crush Russia to avoid having any rival in the World. 

Since the beginning of this war, both parties has suffered alot of casualties but Ukraine has been making false statements about the invasion against Putin, the broadcast infuriated Russia to bomb their Television stations.