There are 7 things you should keep secret about yourself. To keep these details away from third party or the public will significantly effect a great positive change in your life as it will always help you play safe, shield you from distraction and potential attacks (emotional, social, economic, cultural, religious and political).

I write to relate with humanistic psychology pertaining to the nature of mindset. The mind is naturally imbibed with traits of envy, jealousy and greedinees, all these will be a topic for another day.

These are the things you should keep secret from the world around you.

*1. Your Weaknesses*
*2. Your Talents*
*3. Your Goals Dreams*
*4. Your Partner Issues*
*5. Family Drama/Issues*
*6. Your Bank Account Balance*
*7. Favour For Others/ Announcing Your Good Deeds*

1. Your Weaknesses:

We all have weak points. However, you must not share them out loud as some vicious people have this habit of using it against you. Just face your fears with confidence, no matter how small or big.

2. Your Talents:

You should always have in mind that you should not show your talents until the opportunity to do so comes. Don’t boast, show it at the right time and place. The kind of appreciation you will get when you rise to the occasion will feel much better.

3. Your goals and dreams:

Most of us have dreams or what we want to achieve. Best is to set them, work on them and not share them with anyone until you have achieved them. Because in case you find something else more interesting and you stop working on the goals, people will start questioning you and you honestly do not have to explain yourself to anyone! Secondly, once you share what you want, not all have something positive to say. There will be negative comments, bad vibes from those with complexes and we Nigerians we already know what "Village People" and other people with bad intentions can do.

4. Partner issues:

He or she has these habits, fears, whatever, do not share it with people. It is between you and your partner. Her or his secrets are not for you to share in the first place. Even after a break up, most people have the tendency to talk ill about their ex… it is unfair, You will be the one with the negativity anyway, so there is no point.

5. Family Issues:

We all must be cognizant to the fact that no family is perfect as every family has issues trembling it. They may look so lovely and nice but there are skeletons behind each door. If you want to talk, talk to a therapis/professional or probably that one trustworthy best friend. Everyone does not need to know them. Because even if they seem to be consoling you, people do end up making fun of you no matter how messed up their own family is. Why subject your own personal life to nonsensical gossip? Don't!


6. Bank Account:

Your bank account and balance
If nothing else, for your own security, keep shut about how much money you have. Enough said!

7. Favour For Others / Announcing your good deeds:

It is actually very shallow when People do that. If you have done something good for someone, keep it to yourself especially when it is charity work. Boasting about what you did will have people rolling their eyes and that is it. Let others talk about you, admire you when they see results. Be humble.


Though so many people are not good at keeping informations to themselves but I can tell you learn how to for your security and your own over all good. These info - Bank Account Balance, marital and family issues, talents, goals or next line of action. Meet a therapist or a professional if you can no longer manage the issues yourself.