War: Poland dares Russia, sends Ukraine T-72 tanks, Thunderbolt, others

   Russian President Vladimir Putin

Recall our previous reports that Russia had initially warned that any country, especially in the European Union that supplied lethal weapons to Ukraine in the ongoing war, would face the consequences of such action.

Throwback Times had gathered that Polish government had, however, ignored this previous warning by Russia and proceeded to send military assistance to Ukraine.

Poland was reported to have sent neighbouring Ukraine military equipment which included dozens of infantry fighting vehicles and the 2S1 Carnation self-propelled howitzers, drones, Grad multiple rocket launchers, and Piorun (Thunderbolt) man-portable air defence systems.

It was gathered that over 200 T-72 tanks over the past few weeks, reports, quoting Polskie Radio, Poland’s national public-service radio.

Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki made this disclosure last week, the Daily Post reports.

Meanwhile, Poland's decision had generated alot of controversy as the World were asking is this the end of Putin and Russia ?, Will this latest developments lead to full scale Nuclear World War 3 due to NATO possible direct involvement ?