Edu Ghana dropped this dope Throwback song in the year 2002 explaining the achievements of Bakassi Boys in tackling crimes in Eastern Nigeria during the high rate records of robbery, ritualism, kidnapping among others.

Bakassi Boys were actually formed by traders in Aba to protect them from men of the underworld but the activities of Bakassi Boys was later extended to other part of Eastern Nigeria most especially Onitsha, a city that was then overwhelmed with unpronounceable crimes.

The structure of Bakassi Boys was well organized with Pseudo leader or the name of the real supreme leader was not revealed to the public. The Bakassi Boys also operative successfully with help of charms which they use to check guilty of suspected criminals. The charms also protect them via Odechi which means that bullet can't penetrate their body.

The person preparing charms for Bakassi Boys was Reportedly a cripple called Nwa Ngworo in Igbo dialet. The Bakassi Boys was formed in the late 1998 in Aba and was disbanded by the Federal Government in the year 2003 after allegedly involvement in extra judicial killings.

Subsequently, State Government passed Bill converting Bakassi Boys to State's Vigilante Group which still operate till date.