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Interpersonal relationship was defined literally as the cordial relationship that exists between two people. Most at times, if the interpersonal relationship is cordial or friendly, the duo shares their issues and secrets.

Like we have done before, the principal author at Throwback Times, Kene shares some lifehacks and secrets towards dealing with loquacious, tattletale or those with loose lips.

There was a common phrase - 'Loose Lips Sinks Ship', used during the Second World War originated in United States of America. The philosophy behind the phrase is to calm tension among populace; warn citizens Against making unguarded talks that would undermine the efforts of American Military during the war.

So, Having someone to have fun with and have fun as a place to tell stories is indeed fun. To be a place to tell secrets, you have to believe that the person is trustworthy and helpful, not the other way around. You know this by taking your time to study the person.

For that, before telling stories, you must assess whether the person is worthy of being a place to tell secrets or not. Being selective in choosing friends is very necessary so that you do not lose in the future.

Here are some characteristics of friends that you need to be aware of as a 'trash can' when you want to share personal problems or issues.

1. The one who often slips out:

This type of friend is quite dangerous. Even though they are the type to talk to, especially a good listener, they are not necessarily suitable as a friend to share with.

You don't want your biggest secret to be spread because your friends admit to 'accidentally' telling everyone, right? So pay attention to your friends before telling stories.

2. Liar:

Have a lying friend? Better stop telling them your secrets. Because when your secret is spread and it is revealed that they are the culprit, they may deny it and commit the next lie. They will easily twist the facts and put themselves in a safe zone.

 3. Too open:

People who are too open also need to be aware of If they are too easy to tell personal things to you, even if it is badmouthing themselves it could be that at other times the topic about you will also be discussed with others. How? Of course by exposing your secrets like they tell you their own secrets.

4. Likes to tell people's secrets:

"Hey, don't tell anyone." If your friend makes this sentence a lot, it is definitely not the right person to tell a secret. The proof is, other people's secrets should not be shared with you. This means there is a chance that your story will also be shared with other friends.

5. Gossiper

Your friend likes to talk about other people and doesn't stop talking about it? Be careful, friends like this may be fun to gossip about other people, but if they run out of gossip later, you could end up being the next gossip. Better stay away from this gossip guys.

6. Emotional:

This corelate with emotional intelligence. Of course, you cannot make people with emotional qualities as confidants. The reason is when you tell them something that annoys them, they will actually get carried away.

For example, you tell that one of your close friends and he is being annoying. He will immediately support you but at the same time he will hate the friend. If you have this, it means you are making the atmosphere even hotter. It's dangerous.


Loose lips have sank many ships, yes of course!; Though it is never really so easy to keep secrets as secrets seemed like a burden to human and so not everyone have the perseverance to hold on for a very long time or even till death.

There are certain things worthy of being only known to you but sharing them all says all about you as you can still not be able to keep other People's secret.

Such behavioral traits are usually either caused by hereditary, depression, anxiety, alcoholic intoxication, or been habitual to talkerholic.