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b. Career
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e. Age
f. Networth
g. Marital Status
h. Associates
i. Death

Ifeanyi V. Ibeabuchi
(if-ee-AN-yeeIb-abu-chi) (1960 - 17th May 2011) was a Nigerian revered multitalented gospel Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Performer.

He hails from Ogbodi Ukwu Village, Umuopara, Abia State, Nigeria. Married with kids [Citation Needed], the wife was reported to have died few years after husband's death [Citation Needed].

Although Ifeanyi Ibeabuchi has been enthusiastic about music making. He was among Nigerian Musicians who had fought bad Governance in Nigeria through his studio projects. 

Having met some stakeholders in music making including one man thousand, among others, he started dishing out songs, his contact with Uyo IbemOguejiofor, Idika, etc expands his dominance in the industry.

Until his death, Ifeanyi Ibeabuchi started his music career in Aba Abia State. His finest Album Oge Mme mme established his name in the waves. He began his music career in mid 1990s. He died 17th May 2011 after a brief illness