Argentina Victoria Appollo

A rare breed of a wrestler, born 1938 and died 1984, he managed to mix professional wrestling and art into a palatable blend, with each lending colour to the other.

The two worlds of Argentina Victoria Appollo (Real Name: Vicente Denigris) travel strange orbits concentric but varied in range and scope.

He was resident in Atlanta, but language and looks give away his Latin lineage.

"I come from Argentina, but my family is Italian", he explained.

He was just 16 years old when a wrestling promoter saw his potential and offered him a spot on the circuit.

And after a spare of sparkling performances on the circuit, he caught the eyes of the Madison square Garden manager who saw in him what it takes to be a big box-office attraction.

Soon the Madison square Garden signed him on and he became an instant hit.

His good looks made him an a particular favourite, with the chicks, causing many a male heart to flutter each time he walks by enroute to the ring.

At a height of about 5ft. 10ins, Argentina Appollo is one of the shorter men in professional wrestling, but also one of the most skilled.

The stockly, little Argentina is remarkably fast in the ring and moves with the agility and grace of a Jungle cat.

He has perfected the use of speed to offset the generally larger and heavier opposition.

His ring style is fast and loose, , best befitting his chunky 1í0 Ibs.

He may not win each and every contest but he never fails to give fans values for their time and money each time he step into the ring.

However, great the odds may be on any given occasion, he will while whip into his opposition with every ounce of grit at his disposal.
He's certainly Argentina's highest gift to the American mat scene.

Apart from wrestling, Argentina was also an accomplished Artist. His work ranges from delicate pencil drawings to colourful landscape to portraits. 

"Apart from wrestling, art is my other love and I always strive for the highest ideal in both". He said.

The names Argentina Victoria Appollo was given to him by his fans in the United States.

It symbolizes him coming all the way from Argentina to do havocs in the United States rings; Victoria for all his victories and Apollo for the young man who flies like Appollo Spaceship; all this combine to gather, give birth to the nanes - Argentina Victoria Appollo.