Rayan T

Rayan T is a Nigerian reggae Dancehall Entertainment Artist born TaofeeQ Rayan Kazeem Olukorede born in November 27th 1981 in Lagos State Nigeria. 

Also the finest R&B/reggae, rock, hip hop,dance hall,Afro beat,high life singer was born in the family of 7 from a Muslim home. 

And it all started at the age of 13, when he was attending street jams and talent hunt around the neighborhood during his secondary school days in (Tolu complex) Olodi Apapa Lagos. And As a lover of music, he attended Choir practice, singing harmony in different churches, has a professional vocal couch. he also took part in Muslims gathering Islamic singers, around is neighborhood. 

Rayan T is a talented musician prolific song writer with singing ability he stood out from the crowd because he was unique and popular musicians, including upcoming artiste always features him in their songs, his experience and work ethics was put to use when he worked for “Rumors music” As backup artist writing/arranging songs for the artiste under rumors music label. 

His contribution was vivid in production of the artistes under the label such as: the junglist, mummy girl and fatty. 6month later Rayan.T was invited by Mr Obi nweke the c.e.o. “Of Globe Disk Music” to assist in the production of the artiste under the label called :professor linky.(jogodo album) etc Rayan T also worked for Rich Music, Confidence Music etc, he worked in several studios as a backup artiste home and abroad. He developed his sound engineering skills and started Producing music for himself and other artists in harmony music recording studio with Mr Intrudah in lagos state who immediately noticed Rayan.T’s talent and dexterity as a commercial singer that was about to explode and was inspired by Rayan.T’s vocal strength and Started producing Suitable beats and sweet melodies for the songs, Few months later 12 tracks album was recorded.

The debut album was released titled : (Nothing Dey Par).
Featured,black face of the Plantation boys, Daddy fresh, Pupa lantan. The debut album includes hit songs like “Make Una Wine Wine, If Na love You Want, Nothing dey par” etc,The album was immediate success after it was released in 2005. sold millions of copies nationwide.
Marketed and distributed by:
Harmony Music. The crowd always ask for more each time he comes on stage with is superb performance and with his tunefully voice’ he as been invited for stage performance in different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and so on. 

Rayan T traveled abroad in the year 2013 and he was back in the country in 2014. He utilized his opportunity of a year music training in Germany to accumulate more knowledge on sound engineering and music production. Now setup his own Recording Studio called (Made Mind Studio) in Lagos.

The (Made Mind Studio) is a complete music workshop for every talented individual and group to leverage their music skills and abilities.

Rayan T Networth have not been estimated.