We present this fantastic studio project by Nigerian multitalented Recording Artist - Patrick Obasi, born 15th May 1951 and died in his residence on 16th October 2012 after suffering from kidney failure.

Regarded as one of the pioneers of gospel music in Nigeria wayback, he became well known in 1980 after his album Nwa Mama Iwota became a Successful Studio Project.

Patty Obasi was born in Mmaku, a town in Awgu local government area of Enugu State, Nigeria where he began his singing career. He was active in the music industry from 1978 to 2003.

These are all his Studio Projects:

1. Bianu Kanyi Kele Jehova (1985)

a. Hassan 

2. Onye Isi Agha (1989)

a. Okwukwe 

3. Nwa Mama Iwota (1980)

4. Okara Akapa (1991)

5. Billionaire in a Crate (1995)

6. Walking with Jesus (1997)

d. Alaeze 

7. Ezi Nwayi Di Ukor (1984)

8. Ubanase (2003)

e. Ubanase 

Other of his unpopular songs are:

x. Victory 

These are Patrick Obasi's Studio Projects totaling eight (14) albums and Seventy (70) Tracks compiled by Throwback Times Nigeria.