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Afamefuna Aneke is a Nigerian multitalented Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Performer popular by his professional Ogene traditional style of music laced with gyration.

Born in Obe, he started his musical journey in the late 1990s as an instrumentalist at Sabbath in Ama Hausa, Obiagu. Although, he hails from Obe Agbo Nkanu West LGA, Enugu State. He founded Pammy Udu Bonch Cultural Music Group comprising of over ten members. He was raised by his Grandma. Pammy Udubonch is a very strong Cultural music that has gone viral in west Africa. These refers to a form of performing art found among most cultures of the Igbos. 

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Pammy Udubonch dance, is an Afro dance that originated from Enugu state, eastern part of Nigeria.

The Dance:
it has to do with rhythmic body movements combined with music and sometimes theatrical representations. However, this kind of dance is a fundamental part of the cultural fiber and an important activity that serves many purposes.

Pammy Udu Bonch cultural music could be danced in festivals, religious ceremonies, marriages, funerals, and almost every social occasion. Dances displays cultural endowment.

Late Afamefuna Aneke, went on advising his group before his death that Music and dancing is an integral part of many traditional African societies. That, Songs and dances facilitate teaching and promoting of social values, celebrating special events and major life milestones, performing oral history and other recitations, and spiritual experiences.

Real Name:
Afamefuna Aneke also known as Onye Eze Mgbadike or Nwa Obosso.

Town, State & Country:
Obe-Agbo, Nkanu West LGA, Enugu State

(1978 - 28th December 2006) aged 28

Afamefuna Aneke's Networth was never estimated.

Marital Status:
Never Married


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His Death:
Until that fateful day 28th December 2006, he was on his way from where he performed in Udi, Enugu State. He had fatal accident within Umuabi, 9th Miles Udi expressway and when rushed to a nearby hospital, the doctor on duty refused to attend to him immediately. 

The doctor demanded for a hospital deposit before treatment, he died of over bleeding just few minutes after one of his crew left to get money.

Continuity Of The Music Group: 
His right hand man Nnamdi Okoli/Dede took over the music before the final disintegration as some members goes solo including Okwy Nwamba, Ogugua Amobi, JaydeyBombshell (Igba), Kenneth, etc

Some of the crew members photos:

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