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Chief Michael Udegbi (MIE-kəl /[My] + [Kuhl]) (Former: Udegbunam)  born November 5th, 1971, is a multitalented Nigerian Highlife Entertainment Star, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Performer and a Traditional Priest/Herberlist.

He hails from Olo Community in Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State. He's Married [Citation Needed]. He's also partially blind. 

Michael Udegbi had been enthusiastic about music making though he does not have the financial muscle to radically push his career forward until miraculous alms beckons on him.

His contact with Onyebichi Okoye, manager of Akpamma Recording Studios domiciled in Awka, Anambra State seemed to be a turning point in his life as he record fantastic studio project titled Ibalu Mmanwu album in 2021, though the song took sometime to be an actualized project.

Ibalu Mmanwu rocked Nigerian waves and beyond as many started enquiring who Michael Udegbi is? Then his contact with Chigozie Nwangwu, a popular celebrity native Doctor at Oba Anambra State brightens his life more.

His genre of music is stamped Egwu Ekpiri under High Life. He seemed to be gifted in making songs for notable people. He had make songs for Chigozie Nwangwu (Akwa Okuku Onye Ogwu), Okpoto N' Oghe of Amankwo Oghe in Ezeagu, Obi Cubana of Oba, Mmiri Enweilo among others. We can't also forget his popular song Ndi Oke Ogwu or Ndi Ogwu Ego. 

Chief Michael Udegbi is estimated to worth over $17,000.