Ferdinand Dan Satch (1982)
Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara (Fur-Duh-Nand Dan-Sach Emeka Op-pa-ra) born 1945 in Agbaja clan, presently Umuene Obiangwu, Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo state, Nigeria. He's Nigerian Highlife Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Vocalist, Guitarist and Performer and the founder of Oriental Brothers International Band which was a music band famous in South Eastern Nigeria.

Ferdinand Dansatch schooled at St Dominic in Lagos State, presently known as St Dominic Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Chief Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara is married with children.

Musical Career:
Ferdinand was primarily an auto mechanic before and after Nigerian-Biafra Civil war,  and also a practicing musician until trouble ensued in a Popular Music group in South Eastern Nigeria called Eastern Mysteries Band led by Obiako and John Ikediala. 

Eastern Mysteries vocalist - Ikediala left and join Ferdinand to form unnamed music band which passed through storms, many people via Ferdinand joined and left except Aquila who's a member till date. Those who left Ferdinand earlier when things were rough are Ikediala, others. Then after naming of the music group Oriental Brothers, those who left were - Ichita, Warrior who are now late; Tony Awoma, Ogbajirigwe, Okuru, Kabaka replaced Awoma as guitarist but left the band in 1977 with reason that he wants to form his own band (Kabaka International Guitar Band) likewise Warrior. Only Aquila still in Oriental Brothers till date.

   Dan Satch in Lagos 1979

After so much rejection from many Studios in Lagos, Afrodisia (Decca) via Victor Nwogwugwu accepted to record for Ferdinand Dansatch, Nwogwugwu told Ferdinand to give his band a Name that was how Oriental Brothers International Band officially came into existence in mid 1972.

And Oriental Brothers started making headways, along the line Warrior left forcefully with musical instruments given to Ferdinand's Oriental Brothers by Afrodisia Decca. Although Afrodisia later issued new music Instruments to Ferdinand and also to Dr Sir Warrior and instructed Warrior to return the old stolen instruments to them (Afrodisia Decca) which was never did by Warrior. Afrodisia Decca also promised to gift Ferdinand and Warrior packages if they can reconcile and sing as one Oriental Brothers which they dropped one or two albums but Afrodisia Decca failed to fullfil their promise.

This was why Ferdinand's Oriental Brothers left Afrodisia Decca and becomes independent but unknown to Ferdinand that Afrodisia Decca records Oriental Brothers songs without his knowledge or permission which was later resolved in court and Afrodisia Decca lost and later folded up.

Along the line, Godwin Kabaka Opara left Ferdinand's Oriental Brothers with reason that he wants to start his own. Kabaka told Ferdinand that he wanted to go, because he (Ferdinand) put his name (Kabaka) as band leader in order to use his name to make some claims (from the recording company, Afrodisia). Kabaka left, then Warrior was appointed leader by Ferdinand and Warrior later left forcefully with all their musical instruments in order to form his own band.

Warrior passes on 1999, along the line Ichita also died. Being the founder, Ferdinand has been dishing out songs till date.

      Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara 
        Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara