Gambia's Massambula (Witch Doctor)

In world of Professional wrestling wayback, Massambula was among, if not number one finest wrestler ever produced. He won majority of his ring-battles which made fans to opined that he might have been using 'African Juju'. Massambula held African Heavy Weight Champion for years because he remained undefeatable.

It was a shocking incidence that Nigeria's Power Mike triumph him in their first fight. In 1970 Power Mike defeated Gambia's Massambula to become the African heavy weight wrestling champion and titleholder. Gambia's Massambula (a.k.a Africa's Witch Doctor), born 1925, died of diabetes in March 2007, aged 82, started his wrestling career 1952 and ended his wrestling career 19th February 1975 after ring-reigning for 23 years amassing titles. 

Total Battles: 134 (Majority taking place in UK)
Total Win: 97
Total Loss: 21 (Power Mike twice)
Total Draw: 9
Total "No Contest": 7