Throwback Times present this impressive studio project by Nigerian High Life music group - Oriental Brothers International Band (Brothers From The East)

After the Nigerian-Biafra Civil war in 1970, there where a lot of damages in Igbo land (South East) by Nigerian Federal Troops. Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara was an auto mechanic, his workshop was located at Alex Driving and Mechanic School, at 44 Mbaise Road, Owerri.  His Professional music all started after his contact with John Ikediala of Eastern Mysteries Band.

After ups and downs, Kabaka joined their unnamed music band in late 1971, Warrior joined from Owerri among others like Aquila, Tony Awoma, Ichita, etc. 

Kabaka was a music writer and prowess guitarist, while struggles went on while they were putting more efforts to actualize their dreams at Afrodisia Decca. Kabaka suggest the Name - Oriental Brothers International Band in 1972 and by consensus, he was appointed the leader, though circumstances and differences sets in, he left and Warrior was made the leader, after sometime, Sir Warrior also left in fraudulent manner.  Although Afrodisia Decca later settled their dispute, they reunited and released some albums together until the final disintegration of the band.

Among the members, Warrior and Ichita are late, Tony Awoma (Guitarist), Aquila, Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara and Godwin Kabaka Opara (Guitarist) are still alive. Oriental Brothers International Band suffered factionalism that led to upto six (6) splinter groups. However, only the Original Oriental Brothers International Band led by Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara still dish out songs and live Performances currently. Also note that, Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara founded the music group.

This studio project was off the album Uwa Atualamujo  (1974)