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Chief Peter Achukwu
[Pee + Tuh, A+Chù+Ukwú] (5th March 1941 - 8th January 2014) professionally known as Ozoemena Nsugbe Akunwata (Ayaka) is a Nigerian renowned Egwu Ekpiri High Life Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Performer.

He hails from Ogwari, Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria. In late 1967, Ozoemena Nsugbe formed his first music band as an aspiring musician in his mid 20s. Although, he had been passionate about music making. His first music group reign until in early 1980s, he changed appellation of his music band to Oliokata Singing Party.

Fast-forward to late 1990s, in a bid to push his career to utmost level, he was signed to Morgan Entertainment Record Label, it's same label under which late MC Loph, an Igbo rapper was signed before he died in a tragic car accident along Benin-Ore Expressway while he was travelling to Enugu State for his traditional wedding ceremony along with his fiancée who  reportedly died with him in early hours of 14th September 2011.

He was noted to be among foremost Nigerian Musician of Igbo extraction who instrumentalized his studio projects in creating and teaching political awareness, philosophy and history. His song has always been positively impactful.

late Ozoemena Nsugbe had been battling stage 3 Diebetes. Fast-forward to early 2013, he dished out probably his final studio project titled Alusi/Arusi Obeledu Special where he repeatedly begs Deity Arusi  Obeledu to come and take him, a song that suggest that probably he seemed to have been tired of life.

Until that fateful day of 8th January 2014, he passes on. One of his sons Neche Nwaigbo had reportedly taking over his late father's music career. Ozoemena Nsugbe Networth was never estimated.

Ozoemena Nsugbe had many tracks such as:
a. Igbo Presidency
b. Onwu Ali Chukwuma
c. Omenana
d. June 12
e. Igbo jews
f. Miracle Water
g. Dibia Na Uka
h. Tribute to Osadebe
I. Uzu Awka special
j. And more...

                     Neche Nwaigbo 

                        Neche Nwaigbo