Theresa Ofojie

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Egwuobi Cultural Dance Of Nigeria-Umuoji is cultural music group that domiciled in Umuoji, Idemili North LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. 

Wayback in 1970, a man called  Chief Elias Muoghalu (late) who hails from Umuoji assembled group of young teenage girls, trained them and formed this music as they go house to house entertaining people who at the end of the entertainment gift them (Egwuobi Umuoji) some cash. 

The name Egwuobi was as a result of nature of the cultural music band as their songs are usually sweet "Egwu Na Ato Uto N' Obi" which births the name "Egwuobi". The group had been known to have always promote Umuoji town. The group was led by Theresa Ofojie and only two members had died since it's inception.

Egwuobi Umuoji Cultural Dance Band of Nigeria-Umuoji recorded their first album titled Egwuobi Cultural Dance Of Nigeria-Umuoji in 1976 which comprised three (3) tracks.


A1: Nne Anyi
A2: Mmili Umu Mma
B. Egwu Nwanne Malu Nwanne Ya

                         Album Cover 

However, the music group had been enlisted young women to ensure generational continuity of the cultural music group.

Real Name: 
Theresa Ofojie (Now Theresa Ojialo by Marriage)

Town, State & Country:
Ideoma Community, Umuoji town, Idemili North LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Born 1955

Networth Not Estimated

Marital Status:
Married in Umuoji with kids

Late Chief Elias Muoghalu, others