Jacob Oluwole 

Jacob Oluwole is a Nigerian foremost High Life Singer of Yoruba extraction. Having been an aspiring musician as a teenager, he started music making in his early 20s. His career metamorphosed to higher level. He initially formed - Friendly Unity Band in late 1960s and later changed it to Bonanza Rhythm Band in early 1980s. Because there was incessant fracas between founders of the Friendly Unity Band, this compelled the leader - Jacob Oluwole to leave the band and go solo.

Oliver De Coque among others were his lead Guitarist before Oliver left to form his own band in late 1970s. Tragically, Jacob Oluwole, the king of Highlife slumped and died while performing on a stage in Lagos.

He recorded many albums which happened at King Sunny Ade's studios, Olumo Records and few at Afrodisia Decca.