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Okonkwo Christopher Asah popular by the professional stage name as Seven Seven was among foremost Egwu Ekpiri Highlife Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Performer whom his studio projects rocked the waves wayback.

Young Christopher was born on January 16th, 1943 into the family of Pa Okoye and Madam Mmankwo Asah of Uruogbo Village, Enugwu Ukwu, Njikoka LGA, Anambra State.

Okonkwo Asah began his primary education in 1949 at St Anthony’s Catholic Mission School, Enugwu – Ukwu. He lost his father and mother in 1950, when he was just 7 years of age, so his uncle, Mr Mathew Ekwedike Asah took him to Ogbete, Enugu where he completed his primary education.

He thereafter relocated to Nzam, Anambra West LGA of Anambra State, where he lived with one Mr Eze Okoye, who trained him in the art of bricklaying. His brilliance made him learn the work fast and was subsequently employed to work with Chief R.O Nkwocha, Ide of Enugwu Ukwu’s company (Ronasco).

He was working there as the Chief bricklayer teaching other apprentices until 1952, when he left Ronasco to develop his special musical talent.

“Seven Seven” as he was fondly called had a burning talent in music, which he inherited from his parents, who were also musicians (his father used local guitar to play music while his mother sang for the women group).

Christopher Okonkwo Asah started his musical career unofficially when he was still in primary school. During the period, in school he would gather students to sing and entertain them which made some of his teachers then to regard him as a truant as they had not identified the hidden talent in him.

Also during his apprenticeship, Okonkwo Asah would sing for his fellow apprentices at work place, making them happy with his melodious songs. In the evening, he would relocate to drinking joints singing and entertaining guests. Then, he used bottle and coin, as his musical instruments and at the end people would appreciate him. That made people to look for him any evening he did not show up.

During his primary school days, he sang and won special award at Masquerade festival held at St Anthony’s Primary School field, Enugwu Ukwu, where he performed with his “Atumma Group”
When he abandoned his bricklaying tools at Chief R.O Nkwocha’s company to develop his music talent, Ide Nkwocha searched for him and begged him to come back and continue his work, but he refused and insisted on carrying on with his music career.

Just within a short stint in his music career, he began to blaze the trail such that Seven -Seven used his music to bring Enugwu Ukwu further to International limelight, particularly in the world of traditional high life music (Egwu Ekpili).
One of his maiden albums titled “Long John” sold thousands of copies within a short time that it was released into the market. He had over 12 albums before his demise. His sweet and melodious musical career took him to many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, he was loved by all, as an entertainer, musician and humorist.

Seven – Seven was accorded the honour of “Eze Egwu Ekpili”(King of High life Music), due to his outstanding performance, and mastery of the Egwu Ekpili. He combined both local and foreign instruments, particularly guitar and ekpili, which differentiated his music from that of other contemporary traditional high life musicians.

Most of his music instruments could not be seen anywhere because he constructed them himself, and that marked him out among his peers in the music industry.
His flamboyance, creativity, aura, skilfulness, foresight, intelligence and humour made him a unique musician and contributed to his excellence in the music world, such that up till today (41 yrs after his demise), his music is still a delight to many.

Okonkwo Asah’s music career, also made him a Lecturer, and he lectured briefly at many higher Institutions, as a Music Teacher in their Music Departments. He was at various times, teaching at the Music Departments of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Methodist College, Uzuakoli, Teacher Training College, now St Charles College, Onitsha, among others.

Seven – Seven promoted his town Enugwu -Ukwu in all his music, and in one way or the other he would mention “Enugwu – Ukwu” in his album. Words and phrases such as “Seven Seven na Enugwu Ukwu”, “Contractor malu Enugwu Ukwu”, ” Ka m naa Enugwu Nnem” were his trademark.
He also promoted through his music the name of industrious and prominent sons of Enugwu -Ukwu, who made enormous contributions to the overall progress and development of the community.

Such names included, Chief R.O Nkwocha (Ide of Enugwu Ukwu, Igwe Osita Agwuna, Oba D.A Nwandu, Chief Christian Nwogbo Igwe, Chief Moses Akukalia Obiekwe, etc.

Real Name: 
Christopher Asah Okonkwo (a.k.a Seven Seven)

Town, State & Country:
Uruogbo Village, Enugwu Ukwu, Njikoka LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Born January 16th, 1943 (aged 35)

Okonkwo Asah Networth was never estimated during his lifetime although, he was doing averagely better. 

Marital Status:
At the age of 20, in 1963, he married his sweetheart, Mrs Agnes Obiageli Okonkwo Asah, and they had 8 Children.
Seven – Seven lived for just 35 years, but he reigned as if he was up to 80 years of age. 

Power Mike, Chief R.O Nkwocha (Ide of Enugwu Ukwu, Igwe Osita Agwuna, Oba D.A Nwandu, Chief Christian Nwogbo Igwe, Chief Moses Akukalia Obiekwe, etc.

He died at the age of 35yrs in the hands of wicked ones at a neighbouring town, Nawfia under a very controversial circumstance. On a fateful Sunday, he was invited to perform at a show at Nawfia. At the occasion, he was at a stand drinking and charting freely with people around him. Many people had assembled, waiting for his unbeatable performance. After drinking half of his glass of local wine, he left it on the table, and went to perform on the stage, then came back after some minutes of performance, and drank the remaining wine in the cup, not knowing that a wicked soul had poured in raw acid in the wine. There and then he developed stomach ache, but managed to reach home,where he fell down and collapsed.
He was immediately taken to Chidume Hospital, Nimo, where the Doctor diagnosed him, got him operated upon and found out that his intestines had burst.
All effort to save his life proved abortive, the following day, Monday September 5th, 1978 he died. 


2019 Article by Akweke Francis Chidozie Okoye, (Oyi Umunri) of Ire Village, Enugwu – Ukwu, Anambra State. (Published In ABS Radio)

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