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a. Background
b. Origin
c. Villages
d. Institutions domiciled 
e. Random
f. Conclusion 

Eziagu Town is a neighboring town with Umunze with small geographical land mass situated in Orumba South LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.The town shared boundaries with Umunze, Ogbunka, Ezira, Isulo and Nawfija. Significant proportion of the land is covered by bush, Eziagu people are mostly Agriculturists (Farmers particularly).

A hunter called Nze in his hunting adventure all the way from Ohafia migrated and settled to the present day Umunze. After he found the place cool for settlement, Nze informed his father in Ohafia, his father gave him two (2) wives namely Lolo and Ijendo. [Read The Full Story]

Lolo begats seven sons and a daughter while Ijendu the first wife born one child; Dara (1st son), who is the father and founder of Ezi-Agu (English Meaning: Road To Thick Bush/Forest), a neighboring town, after a family problem.

War separated the two wives after the death of Nze that made Dara (the first son of Nze) to demand absolute control of the empire but war was waged by the combined forces of his half brothers and they forced him to move out of the empire and enter into Agu which is called IKPA (Ikpa Agu: In English, Thick Bush) according to Umunze language. Dara blessed with many children which formed the origin of Eziagu, he settled in the western part of the area.

The sons and daughters (Descendents) of Dara made up all the villages in Eziagu Town with very few migrants who joined to makeup the Eziagu Town. Eziagu is made up of the following villages:

1. Amaokwe
2. Obeagu
3. Omumaoji
4. Umuonuogu
5. Umunwazo
6. Umuokparaibekwe
7. Umunwaozonude
8. Umunbaka
9. Umunwazonokebe
10. Umueleke

However, to ensure easy administration, the villages were further divided into two sections:
1. Amuhia: Omumaoji, Umueleke, Obeagu, etc
2. Amuoba: Obululo, Umunwaozor, etc

Institutions & Random:
Eziagu has a market known as Orie market. There are three secondary schools in Eziagu 

1. Demonstration Secondary School (affiliated to FCET Umunze)

2. High Achiever Secondary School 

3. Community Secondary School 

There are three (3) primary schools in Eziagu. The people of Eziagu are predominantly christians, the town Eziagu is a home of tourism due to their annual (takes place every December) historic Festival tagged Eziagu Festival Of Heritage and have some personalities.

Churches in Eziagu Town are:
1. Devine Livingstone revival Gospel mission located at Umueleke 

2. Deeper life bible church located at Amokwe 

3. Church of christ Gospel mission located at Omumuoji 

4. The greater faith life ministry located Omumuoji 

5. Later day Gospel explosion church located Omumuoji 

6. The Redeemed christian church of God located Omumuoji 

7. Living faith church located at Amoba 

8. Omega fire ministry located at Amoba

9. King sabath mission located at Amoba 

10. The Lords chosen charismatic renewal ministry located at Amoba

11. The evangelical church of God mission located at Amoba 

12. St. Mathew's Anglican church 

13. St. Michael's Catholic church 

14. God of Elijah ministry located at Amuhia 

15. God of miracle ministry located at Amuhia 

16. United church of christ Ucc located at Amuhia 

17. Intercessory miracle ministry located at Amuhia 

18. National Holy ghost church of christ located at Amuhia 

19. St. Paul's methodist church located at Amuhia 

20. Kingdom hall of jehovah witness located at Amuhia 

21. Mountain of fire and miracle ministry.

We've seen the fact that Eziagu Town was the eldest son of Nze (today called Umunze Town) that was chased away by his step siblings, Dara the first son ran for his dear life to escape been killed by his brothers and settled at Ikpa Agu.

The seven sons of the second wife named Dara's settlement as Ezi Agu, in English means - Road To Thick Bush. Dara begat two children whom their descendents made up all the villages in Eziagu Town.