This Article Contains The Following:
a. Background
b. Origin
c. Villages
d. Institutions domiciled 
e. Random
f. Conclusion 

Okija is the biggest town in Ihiala LGA of Anambra State located in Southeastern Nigeria. The town is the oldest of all the towns in Ihiala LGA, and one of the biggest towns in Igboland with vast geographical land mass. The people of Okija are predominantly Christians with some Pagans and traditionalist. 

Furthermore, Okija is bordered in the east by Ihembosi and Ukpor cities, within the west by olu or Ogbakubara, within the north by Ozubulu and within the south by Ihiala. In Okija, the Ulasi River on its flow to the Atlantic, joins Okposi river one of its tributaries.

Okija Shrine:
Okija Shrine popularly known as Ogwugwu Akpu or Ogwugwu Okija is a dreaded shrine domiciled in Okija. On 3rd August 2004, the shrine was invaded by a team of mobile policemen led by former Anambra State Commissioner of Police - Felix Ogbaudu, the operation led to arrest of over 40 native doctors, keepers and attendants. Shockingly, over 75 corpses and skulls were discovered in the premises of the shrine.

According to historical account, Achalla Ogidi (a great elephant hunter) migrated and settled to present day Okija (derived from Oka Ije Achalla Ogidi).

Okija – Achala – Ogidi [Article Expansion]:
Traditional Oral tales account that Okija, Ihiala, Ihembosi and Uli had one father known as Achala, the son of Ogidi. this can be why Okija is a few times called Okija – Achala – Ogidi.

According to account, Okija was the primary son: Ihembosi, the 2nd, Ihiala, the 3rd, and Uli the fourth and last. Naturally, they need to decide on things and break Kola so as of seniority. This can be why Okija breaks Kola nut for all the cities in Ihiala LGA, the court of law connected cities, though settled at Ihiala, is thought as Achala city court up to nowadays.

The Thirty (30) Villages In Okija (a.k.a Okija “OHU EBO NA IRI"):

1. Umuezedam 
2. Umuakporom
3. Ugwucheleku/Ekpe
4. Umuapani
5. Ubahuagbugba
6.Umudalaegwu (Uhuosu)
7. Umudioka
8. Ezieke 
9. Umuokpala ezike
10. Umuawa
11. Umuchiuwa
12. Umu- Uzu
13. Umunakwa
14. Ubahu-Ezike
15. Umuezeobi
16. Umunzele
17. Ohukabia
18. Umuofo
19. Umu- Ezewulum
20. Uhungwu
21. Isieke / Ubahudara
22. Ubahueze
23. Isifulu
24. Etiti Umuhu or Umuhu
25. Umuigwe
26. Umuodogwu
28. Umuezim/ Ezimbala
29. Umuanumoge
30. Umunnafojolo.

The above listed Villages are further divided into three (3):

1. Ubahu Abu Ubahu: This conjure Ubahu, Umuohi (Umunhi), ubahuezike and umuhu

2. Uhuobo and Uhuowere: This consists of Uhuobo, Ohukabia and Uhuowere.

3. Ihite abu Ihite: This contains Ubahummonu, Ubahudara, Isieke and Ihite.

Traditionally or a few years a gone, Okija city had no king or didn’t respect and regard someone because the chief of the thirty villages in Okija. In those years, sturdy individuals assumed leadership of various villages and quarters.

Now Okija has its own city council. In recent years, His Royal Highness, Chief R. Oraelosi, Ezegedegwum 111 of Okija. Therefore the governance currently rests on the Igwe and also the native councilors still at the Okparas. People who facilitate within the regime of the city embrace the cohort (the age group) and Igwe in council. 

Random and Institutions:
Okija is principally a noticeable or flat land. However there square measure valleys in Umuohi and Ugwu-cheleku. There square measure few hills or highlands.

Many Rivers and Streams in Okija, however the foremost necessary ones;

a. Ulasi Okija stream:
This stream virtually surrounds Okija; it flows through Ubahu-agbugba on Onitsha – Owerri road to Isieke or Ihite. Most Okija individuals, particularly the heathens, don’t catch fish in Ulasi stream or eat any fish caught in it for concern of Ulasi Okija Idol that is usually believed to be the owner of the stream and also the fishes in this.

The heathens regard the fishes as younger kids of Ulasi, thence they decision the fishes (Umuofuo Ulasi) and that they powerfully believe that whoever that harms or kills the fishes are injured or killed by Ulasi Okija Idol. These days Christians and stranger’s fish in Ulasi stream to prove the uselessness of Ulasi Idol, however until nowadays strict heathens still refuse to catch or eat the fish.

b. Okpu stream:
This tiny stream flows in Umudioka village in Umuohi Okija.

c. Oso Asomba stream:
This is a little stream in Uhuobo and named once Chief Asomba Onyejekwe.

Other streams in Okija:
Are Ejeta-Akworo in Umuapani, Mmiri Nwagbogho in Umuakporom, Ogu Ughalegbu; Nnolu and Omuyoro in Umuofo, etc

The landscape and vegetation of Okija:
Okija lands are mainly forest with palm trees as the chief economic tree.

The exact time Okija town came into existence is unknown but one thing is for sure; this is the oldest town in the entire local government. The Original ancestor is said to be Achalla, a mighty hunter from Ogidi (a town six miles East of Onitsha) who settled down slightly to the north of the present day Okija and bore sons- Okija, Ihiala, Uli and Ihembosi, the eldest who was Okija. Dioha in Okija were said to be son of other descendants in Okija.

While these towns admit some kind of blood relationship. It is quite clear that the original Achalla stock forms a very small proportion of the total population, individual’s quarters of the town and even families showing their most diverse origin. In order words, the people of Okija town migrated from several places and settled in Okija. Practically, the table below shows the quarters in Okija and their founder of place of legendary Origin.

Quarters And Their Founding Father:

a. Ubahu Achalla (Ogidi)
b. Umuhu Igala (Idah, Kogi state)
c. Uhuowolle Agulu (Awka division)
d. Uhuobu Ohakpu (Imo state)
e. Ubahumuonu Akwa
f. Ihite Orlu (Imo state)
g. Umuohi (Isifulu) Nri
h. Umuohi (Umudioku) 
i. Nkpo (near Ogidi)
j. Umuohi (Ezeike) Abam

Like I earlier said, there are about thirty villages that make up Okija town. Okija has nine ‘Obi areas’ that is headed by an Obi. In decision-making, the Igwe and the Obi’s meet together and take decisions. Moreover, Okija is the home to Madonna University and Legacy University. 

Okija land is fertile, thus the chief occupation in Okija is farming or agriculture. Okija is that the largest food Producer in Ihiala local government area and Anambra State. 

She grows lots of huge and little yams, cassava, coco yams, maize, plantain and palm manufacture (oil and kernel) etc. The chief occupations in Okija is fishing, searching and animal-keeping (especially goats, sheep, pigs and fowls). Okija is once more the most important meat and fish producers and provider in Ihiala LGA.

It was also noted that most villages in Okija are migrants from other places, only small population are descendents of Ogidi.