Album Times present all the studio project of Nigerian afropop and R&B music duo made up of Obumneme Ali  (Smash) and Nwachukwu Ozioko (Vast), the duo hails from Enugu State. Bracket started as a three-man music group before a member known as Bistop dropped out. The duo are currently signed to Ape Planet and their hit singles such as "Happy Day", "Yori-Yori" and "Ada Owerri" projected the music duo to the limelight in the industry.

Fast forward to 2013, Nwachukwu Ozioko a.k.a Vast narrated how he fought and defeated Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

Explaining to Vanguard correspondence in an interview and i quote: 

After seven months of undergoing treatment for Lymphoma, a type of cancer of the blood, in Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington , London , Nwachukwu Ozioko, popularly known as Vast of the singing group, Bracket is back. He returned to the country and was treated to a grand reception by his friends. In this interview, Vast who is still recuperating recounts how he battled with the deadly disease and came out alive.

I don’t know what to say, but first of all, I want to give thanks to God. I was very sick. Before I went to the hospital, I attended a couple of shows. I wondered how I was able to perform at the shows because I was seriously ill. My partner, Obumneme Ali a.k.a Smash and I had series of shows and in a situation where payment has been made, I had no option than to grace the stage. We decided to round off our shows late last year in order to enable me take care of my health in 2013. But unfortunately, up till January, this year, we were still going for concerts. We even had to travel to Australia to stage a concert.

Then, I was visiting one of the hospitals in Lagos, and that was where I was diagnosed. They carried out all the medical examinations, and when the results came out, the the Haematologist advised me to seek for further treatment abroad.

If you have travelled to America or any Schengen country within two years, you can apply for a Priority Visa and we were qualified to do so. We applied and within four days, the visa came out. We met a friend in the UK who introduced us to his brother who is a Medical Doctor. He assisted us and we met a Haematologist who advised that I should re-run all the tests again.

The only thing we didn’t do was the surgery which I did back home before I was diagnosed of suffering from blood cancer. After everything, they started with the treatment they called ‘Bone Marrow’. It wasn’t an easy one, it was very difficult. Ithought I would loose all the blood in my body but thank God I survived it. After a week, I started having complications, I had to return to the hospital to have blood transfusion after which I felt better. We spent a lot of money. At a point, I was hopeless and was only praying to God for His mercies. After the second chemotherapy, I started exercising because the doctor advised me to do regular exercise. However, it was after the third chemotherapy that the pictures I took while in the hospital leaked. By then, I was already bouncing back to life because I passed through the valley of the shadow of death. After the fourth chemotherapy, we shot a video, ‘Temperature’ in London. I didn’t even know I could do that. I initially thought the cycle would be six but before the fifth chemotherapy, the doctor informed us that it was going to be eight. I got confused at that point and even doubted what they were doing. I thought they just wanted to milk me because it was expensive. My manager, partner and Chief Executive Office however encouraged me to complete the treatment.

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Bracket as a music group started as early as 2004 after which Bistop left as he alleges cheating. The duo Nwachukwu Ozioko and Obumneme Ali contines together, although they released first album 2006 titled Happy Day.

These are the catalog of all the albums released by the duo, already made for public consumption.

Studio albums catalog:

1. Happy Day (2006)

2. Least Expected (2009)

3. Cupid Stories (2011)
c. Time

4. Alive (2015)

5. Love Letters (2022)

All Random Releases and Some Features:

1. 2009

2. 2011

3. 2012

4. 2014
a. Nana

5. 2016

6. 2017
c. Malo

7. 2018
b. Amen

8. 2019

9. 2020

10. 2021

11. 2022