We present this amazing studio project by multitalented Nigerian Egwu Ekpili singer and performer - Chief Michael Udegbi.

He hails from Olo in Ezeagu Community in Enugu State. Born blind in 1975. He has recorded several successful albums ranging from Ibalu Mmanwu, Akwa Onye Ogwu, Ndi Ogwu Ego among others.

His efforts and uncommon musical talents brought an excitement among his fans as many earnestly waiting for him to continuously dish out albums.

What type of song does he make ? Well, since I've known him for years, following when Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki na Oba gifted him a car, he has made a remarkable impact in the highlife music industry.

Recently, he has been going from one show to another both within and outside the country. Throwback Times says that Chief Michael Udegbi is a lucky singer because he leverage on what's available to project himself to the limelight. After the reign of Chief Michael Udegbi, who's next? 

This track was debuted 2023. A dedication to Ubi Ego Na Nsukka.