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Kenny Saint Brown, also known as KSB, is indeed one of the top female Nigerian artists of the 2000s. During this period, she was at the height of her career, releasing several successful albums and becoming a household name in the Nigerian music scene. She was not only known for her vocal talent, but also for her style and fashion sense, which made her a style icon among young people in Nigeria. She was also a leading figure in the gospel music scene, helping to popularize the genre and bringing it to a wider audience.

Surviving her marital breakup and as well as as a single parent: Kenny Saint Brown's marital breakup and journey as a single parent was a challenging but ultimately empowering experience for her. After separating from her husband, she faced many difficulties as a single mother, including financial struggles and managing her busy career while caring for her children. However, she persevered through these challenges, and ultimately emerged as a stronger and more resilient person. However,  she has been open about the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned from the experience, and has also used her platform to inspire other women who may be going through similar situations.

Kenny Saint Brown's career has been marked by tremendous success and perseverance in the face of challenges. She began her career as school choir member which began 1979. Her interest centers on gospel song and writing poems.

She Released her first album titled Totality in 1998 and released her second album titled Kum-ba-yah which further proved that she's really a substance in the industry. In 2003, This album secured an award for her as Best West African Female Gospel Singer and automatic nomination for Best Female African Gospel Singer that year.

In 2005, she debuted two singles from her third album titled Halleluyah Club Praise and Love Mix. She's also a teenager pastor in her church.

a. Education
She was born into the family of Late Chief Felix & Otunba Mrs Letica Ogungbe. KSB as she is fondly called had her primary and secondary education at Adebola Odutola College, in Ijebu Ode. She obtained her 1st degree in English (Arts) from Ogun State University in 1990 and 2nd degree in MBA from UNIBEN in 1995. She also has master's degree in theology.

Throughout her career, she has remained true to her faith and has used her platform to spread a message of hope and positivity. However, she has also been a strong advocate for women's empowerment and equality, and has worked to support causes such as education and health for women and children. Her career has been a testament to her resilience, her faith, and her commitment to making a difference in the world.

Real Name:
Kenny Saint Ogungbe and Kenny Saint Brown Asiedu (by marriage); goes with professional stage name as Kenny Saint Brown (KSB); divorced and changed to Kenny Saint Best

Town, State & Country:
She was born into the family of Late Chief Felix & Otunba Mrs Letica Ogungbe in Ijebu Ode town in Ogun state, Nigeria.

Born 1967

  KSB Celebrating Her 50th Birthday 2017

Not Estimated 

Marital Status & Controversies:
Kenny Saint Brown, popularly known as KSB, is a multiple award-winning artiste before she went on to become an entrepreneur, author, life coach, and a politician.

Born in Ago Iwoye, Ijebu to the family of Late Chief Felix and Otunba Leticia Ogungbe, she jettisoned a career in oil and gas industry for music.

The talented singer was waxing stronger even when some other gospel stars were disappearing from the landscape.

Her unforgettable songs include ‘Turn Around’ featuring Da Grin, ‘Baba Ara,’ ‘Moti Goke’ featuring Terry G; ‘Alaye’ featuring Ice Prince, among others.

     KSB and her husband, Eddy Asiedu

KSB is a parent of two teenagers, an Entrepreneur , a politician and currently serves at Revival Assembly Lagos where she is ordained a minister under Apostle Anselm Madubuko as a Youth Pastor. 

  KSB & Daughter Takes Shots At An Event

Gospel singer, Kenny Saint Ogungbe married husband Eddy Asiedu Brown in 2006 and changed her name to Kenny Saint Brown. The couple divorced in 2012 after 6 years of marriage and two children (a son and a daughter) together, she has since been taking good care of her children since then. She's also sister to owner of Kennis Music.

Kennis Music, Terry g, Jude Abaga, Sheyman, Dagrin, Revival Assembly Lagos, etc. Kenny Saint Brown was related to the founder of Kennis Music! The company is a leading force in the Nigerian music scene, with a long history of producing top artistes and hits.

Her Challenges & Her Ex Husband's Comment:

Kenny Saint Brown's journey has been filled with both challenges and triumphs, and her resilience and perseverance are truly inspiring. From her early days in the school choir to her successful career as a gospel singer, she has always been passionate about her music and its ability to inspire and uplift others. Her ability to overcome personal difficulties, such as her marital breakup, and still find joy and fulfillment in life is truly remarkable.

It's impressive to see all that Kenny Saint Best has accomplished, both professionally and personally. As a mother, entrepreneur, and ordained minister, she seems to be a woman of many talents and passions. However, she is clearly a very vibrant and energetic person. It must be inspiring to have such a role model for young people in Nigeria.

It's always a bit sad to hear about marriages that don't last, but it's wonderful that Kenny Saint Brown has been able to remain positive and focus on her children. It takes a lot of strength and resilience to go through a divorce and still come out the other side as a successful, independent woman. It's clear that Kenny Saint Brown is a strong, resilient person who has overcome a lot in her life. She seems like an incredibly inspiring woman.

Her challenges in life including her marital breakup but she's always happy because God made those experience not to break her.

And this is what inspired her last album "Turn Around" released 2012, asking God to turn around her life for good, the album featured guests artistes such as Jude Abaga M.I and Terry g.

          Turn Around Official Art Cover 

  Terry G Shot With KSB 2011 During The Debut Of Moti Goke "Victorious" (2012)

Her Husband's Comment About Their Matrimonial Crash:

My marriage to Kenny Saint Brown ruined my career, according to her husband, Eddy Remedy. He has shed more light on how his failed marriage to Keny Saint brown ruined his music career.

               Eddy Remedy Asiedu 

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Eddy said;

“I don’t have any low point apart from my failed marriage. Things were going fine for me until I started having problems with my marriage.

It was possible I could have saved it if I had put in more effort but I am also human. Right now, I have grown and I know we all make mistakes as humans.

I made my mistakes and she (Kenny Saint Best) must have made hers too. Do you think anyone is perfect?”

He continued;

“For years, I did not put out songs. You would remember that my marriage was in trouble and I broke down emotionally.

My doctor didn’t want me to get back to work because of my state of health and mind.

“I lost my marriage and my kids were not with me as well. I had to take a break for my health and my children because different stories were written about me and I didn’t want my kids to grow up with that tension.

Even though my music suffered, it was very important for me to take a break at that time.”

Also, in this view, according to, Kenny Ogungbe’s 7 Siblings are also into Entertainment.

The fact remains that Kenny “Keke” Ogungbe is one of the progenitors of the new generation Nigerian music industry. Together with his friend and business partner, Dayo Adeneye, they founded companies like Kennis Music, Primetime Entertainment, and some others which ruled the music industry then. Kennis Music was like the warehouse for every up-and-coming music artiste in those days, and with artistes like 2face Idibia, Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila, VIP, Paul Play Dairo, and other raves of the moment signed to the label, they surely held the aces.

Kehinde “Kenny” Ogungbe, is a music broadcast journalist and music executive. He is the founder and eponym of the label Kennis Music. Dr. Kenny Ogungbe has been Managing Director of Raypower FM Radio Services and Executive Director of Daar Communications Plc since 2012 and 2011 respectively. Dr. Ogungbe grew from the Assistant General Manager in 1993 to Managing Director in 2000. Mr. Ogungbe has extensive experience and is a well-known figure within the entertainment industry.

Keke, as he is popularly called successfully hosted TV shows such as AIT Jamz later, turned Primetime Jamz. The media personality was responsible for shaping the careers of artistes like 2Face Idibia, Eedris Abdulkarem, Tony Tetuila, Sound Sultan among others.

It might interest you to know that Keke’s family are the custodian of entertainment in their hometown. In a recent interview with his Sister Kenny Saint Brown (KSB) on how entertainment runs in her family. She said, “It is who we are, entertainment is who my brothers are, who my sister is, it is who I am. Music was always in the family. We had an uncle who was the only Disc Jockey in our hometown. We used to call him Baba Sabada. We were the custodian of entertainment in my hometown. From my Uncle to Keke, his brother, I and so on, we all just found ourselves in the entertainment industry.”

Kenny Ogungbe has got other siblings and most of them are into entertainment helping their eldest brother in one way or the other.

Chief Mrs.Moji Dokpesi is the wife of DAAR Communications chairman, Raymond Dokpesi. Though she is a business woman and socialite, she has in various ways contributed to the success of her brother in the entertainment business. Considered to be the backbone of the Ogungbe Entertainment Empire, Mojisola Dokpesi has played the role of their eldest sister so well.

Kenny Ogungbe’s twin brother, Taiwo Ogungbe is a Disc jockey known as DJ T. Interesting enough, so is his younger brother who is likewise a twin. Both Taiwo’s in the Ogungbe family learnt Disc Jockeying by themselves and took after the passion from their Uncle, who was the first disc jockey in Ogun state.

Taiwo Ogungbe, the twin brother of Kenny Saint Brown last year declared interest to vie for the seat of a local government chairman. Widely referred to as King Shaka, the Disc Jockey and member of the Ogungbe family has declared his interest to view for the chairmanship of Ifelodun Local Government area in Ogun State. King Shaka is known to have handled some operations for his twin brother’s entertainment business but maintained a low profile. He is also Kennis Music label executive and artiste manager.

Idowu Ogungbe is the popular TV Personality from the good old days of “ID On The Street”. Prof, as he is fondly called hosted the popular Vox Pop on the Primetime Show where he interviewed people on the street asking questions relating to entertainment and the society.

Kenny Saint Brown needs little or no introduction. The gospel singer cum Minister has been helping her brother with the Kennis Music Label since it started. She is a label executive and also a relentless singer who loves to use her music to glorify God. She recently launched her first book titled STOP! TURN IT AROUND.

Sholape is the baby of the house. She is a caterer and an event planner. She has in the past been responsible for the planning of some of Kennis event, including the popular Kennis Music Easter Fiesta which has been running for the past 20 years.

Other siblings of the media guru who is now donned as the Grand Commander of Broadcasting (GCOB) following the launch of his new Kennis FM radio station are Alaba, Omoba, and Adesoji. Kenny Saint Brown is among women who ruled the Nigerian music space in the 2000s.