Throwback Times present this impressive studio project by Black Banana who was a popular Nigerian artiste in the early 1990s, known for his hit song "Meherem Uzo, Miss Jane." While he had a strong following and was poised for success, sadly he was ultimately unable to reach the heights of superstardom in the music industry.

Black Banana's music had a unique sound, combining traditional Nigerian rhythms with a more modern, electronic sound. "Meherem Uzo, Miss Jane" was a catchy, danceable song that was well-received by audiences. However, despite his talent and potential, Black Banana faced many challenges in the music industry, including financial difficulties and lack of support from major record labels. He also struggled with a lack of exposure and recognition outside of his home country of Nigeria. Moreover, his unique musical style was not always appreciated by the general public.

Despite these challenges, Black Banana continued to pursue his musical career, and his legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans. "Meherem Uzo, Miss Jane" remains a beloved song that is remembered for its energy and style. Furthermore, Black Banana may not have achieved the same level of fame as other Nigerian artistes, but his impact on the music scene is undeniable.

Some of his available studio projects are as follows:

1. Meherem Uzo, Miss Jane (1991):
Side A:

 Side B:

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