Throwback Times present amazingly crafted track-collaboration between Nwachukwu Ibeh and Ikem Mazeli on the song "Chinemeze". Indeed, this is a great example of the fusion of traditional and modern sounds in African music.

Nwachukwu Ibeh is a highlife musician from the Igbo region of Nigeria, while Ikem Mazeli is from Onitsha, a major city in that region. The two artists come from different backgrounds but share a love for the classic sound of highlife music. 

Together, they have created a song that is both nostalgic and modern, incorporating traditional Igbo rhythms and instrumentation with contemporary production techniques. The result is a sound that is unique and timeless. The lyrics of "Chinemeze" are also noteworthy, as they draw on the traditional themes of Igbo culture and spirituality. 

The song is about the fact that only God can place you at the top and it conveys a deep sense of connection to God's guidance. Whether you are a fan of highlife music or just interested in learning more about Nigerian culture, "Chinemeze" is well worth a listen.