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Music: I Don't Care - Flavour Ft Wizboyy Ofuasia [Throwback song]
Music: Wizboy (Isi Afulu Kwaba Okpu) - Wizboy Ofuasia [Throwback song]
Music: One Plus One Remix - Wizboy [Throwback song]
Music: Infinity - Wizboy Ft Slim Brown [Throwback song]
Music: Screensaver Remix - Wizboy Ft J Martins [Throwback song]
Music: Omalicha Remix - Wizboy [Throwback song]
Music: Beautiful (Reggae) - Wizboy [Throwback song]
Music: Hotamali - Wizboy [Throwback song]
Music: Owusagi Remix - Wizboy Ft 9ice [Throwback song]
Music: Wizolingo (Ka Anyi Jekpori Ndu) - Wizboy [Throwback song]
Music: Magic - Wizboyy [Throwback song]
Music: Lovinjitis - Wizboyy ft Teeyah [Throwback song]
Music: Material (You Look Familiar) - Wizboyy ft J Dess [Throwback Songs]
Music: Ogologo Ndu - Wizboyy ft Hype MC [Throwback Songs]
Music: Something About Me (wana wana see) - Wizboyy [Throwback Songs]
Music: No Body Pass You - Wizboyy Ft Chivagu and Stomrex [Throwback song]
Music: Ur Zombie - Wizboyy ft Lace [Throwback songs]
Music: Fotojenik - Wizboy [Throwback songs]
Music: Fine Baby Kelele - Wizboy (throwback songs)
Music: D way we go - Wizboy Ft Zoro (Throwback Songs)