For proper growth and development of our society ; there is always the need to have capacitated leadership. Many societies of the world still languish and wallow in perpetual tribulations because of greediness, selfishness and contemptuous of what is right or honourable of their leaders.

This trends of poor leadership style has perpetuated because we have not elected nor install merited Leader who possess empathic, conscientious, wisdom endowed, educated and positive-mindset leader for good governance with actionable plans.

Most politicians shows perception of pseudo or specious performance to Leverage the populace and this thereafter, results to poor governance.

This happens because the public doesn't want to hear the truth. People want to hear what they want to do when they get in to the position.

I want to tell you something,' Politicians vaunt because of miniature, inconsequential or uncompleted projects they professed to have delivered. While actually, they delivered the project because that is what they are supposed/expected to do and moreover, they are not accomplishing or realizing the projects with their personal/private fund but that of the revenue generated from the state.

So it is left for the public to accept the truth. Dirty politics only thrives when significant number of citizens are gullible and intellectually-lazy (to question certain policies).

Seemingly, the masses has lost trust or confidence in credibility of some politicians ; due to the fact that they always fail to fulfill their political campaigns promises (manifestoes). But they have nothing to expect, because they elected incapacitated Leadership, so the high time is now. This is great opportunity for Onitsha North Constituency 1 to have a test of good governance.

Anambra State Onitsha north constituency 1 are worthy to have a true vision leaders with exceptional leadership tendency. The need for comparison had existed, it's left for Onitsha North Constituency 1 to vote in quality and quantitative leader.

Hon Anthony Amechi Nworah is a great philosopher, teacher, psychologist, entrepreneur, educationist and a great experienced leader. He is known for great sociality disposition, knowledgeable, adviser, and charisma.

Anthony Amechi Nwora hailed from Ogbeodogwu-Onitsha in Anambra State and was born in Enugu state Nigeria.

He attended his primary and secondary education at College of Immaculate Conception  (C.I.C) in Enugu state.

He attended his tertiary education at Norfolk State University where he obtained a degree in Psychology in 2000.

Also in 2006, Tony received his masters’ degree in Special Education from Norfolk State University in Virginia, United States of America.

He is married and blessed with three wonderful children.

Nworah is the owner and founder of MOBILE GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED; a global resources company in Atlanta Georgia U S A with head office in Nigeria.

Tony is a great charismatic leader and a positive influencer who always like to imbibe good values on people. However, he is also the leader of Nigerian youths in Diaspora (NYIDA).

He is a member of many associations including the Pioneer member of APGA in the USA, member of People's club of Nigeria (PCoN), Coal City club of Atlanta (CCCA), American Teachers Association (ATA) and also a  member of the prestigious Ozor society of Onitsha (POSO).

Tony is a lover of youths. His quality of socialness can not be understated. He is a lover of football and youths, as a young boy in the USA he played the American football where he was adorned with different medals.

Tony Nwora is great tutor, he has a fascinating sense of teaching, and has been in tutorage  for over 14 years.

In 2011 he became a member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA where he played an great-integral role to the success of the November 18th general election that saw Governor Willie Obiano returned.

Let's support transparency and shun mediocrity. Quality, effective and responsible representation is all we desire. Hon Tony Nwora is a compassionate leader who is embroiled with intellectualism and morality.

Onitsha North Constituency 1 indeed deserves a true leader

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