Cameroonians are heading to the polls on Sunday where they are expected to re-elect their 85-year-old
president to a seventh term. The election comes amid a tense backdrop of spiraling violence and unrest in the north and southwest of the country.

President Paul Biya has ruled the country since 1982. Observers say he is almost certain to win the election, which means he will be 92 at the end of that term.
Biya has often won past elections by a landslide. In the last election in 2011, the Supreme Court found that Biya got 77% of the vote, beating out 22 other

The octogenarian leader is one of Africa's longest-serving rulers. He's also accused by rights groups of presiding over a brutal regime , characterized by human
rights abuses, particularly towards the anglophone speaking southern part of Cameroon.

President Paul has brutally engaged the anglophone since few months ago which had degenerated to war as situation deteriorates as time passes by. Despite, several calls and warning from various human right groups, the 85 years old president has neglected the calls and had continue to oppress the southern Cameroonians.