Hon Nwaeze Tony Nwora appreciates delegates, supporters and NWC of APGA for a successful primary.

My sincere appreciation goes to almighty God for his wonderful deeds and i wish to thank all my supporters and delegates of Onitsha North Constituency 1 indeed, i wouldn't have succeeded without you people.

I warmly thank NWC of APGA, stakeholders of Onitsha North for making  a remarkable decision.
I promise  to fulfill the aspirations of the people of my constituency for which I would require the continued support of all delegates and supporters who have trusted me.

To my family members, friends, my lovely wife and everyone who contributed one way or the other towards ensuring my success. I immensely thanked all of you and I exhorts you people to continue to support me because you people's aspirations and auspices is what sustained me.

To my fellow aspirants, i sincerely commend you all and i strength out the hands of brotherhood to make Onitsha great Again.

I want to implore you all, delegates well meaning party members to join hands as we head to the general election come February 2019, and we will come out victorious.

Indeed, the slogan "Nke'a bu nke anyi" is true and we must not give room for our own to be taken because the people of Onitsha North Constituency 1 truly deserve to have a test of good governance.

Thank you and God bless.

Hon Nwaeze Tony Nwora
For Anambra State House of Assembly