UltimatetimesTv earlier reported that the Nigerian Army has said that it had no original WEAC certificate of the President Buhari. Meanwhile, as controversy continues to make wave regarding to the 2019 presidential election.

President Buhari has quickly replied Nigerians. See what he said below

Over 70 presidential candidates out of 91 political parties that will participate in the 2019 Presidential elections have started presenting their credencials to INEC , THEWATCH NEWS reveals .

President Buhari who have come across the out break on the internet as Nigerians are attacking him over WAEC asking the president of Nigeria to present his

Buhari who have returned the attack to Nigerians saying that, i have no certificate but i am your president . Buhari who also added that , certificate is not the prolem , the problem in Nigeria is what am fighting
to fix.

Nigeria have a bigger problem to solve which i am doing everything to my power for this country to be better. in my government we Nigeria have recoreded
good roads, stable electricity, good schools, security , jobs for our youths and more which i will do better he says .

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