Reports has suffused online that Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader whom his whereabouts was unknown since last year, 2017 September, was spotted in Isreal.

The reports, though was substantiated with pictures and a 30 minutes video, ultimatetimestv blog learnt.

The authenticity of the report is not confirmed. Ultimatetimestv also learnt that IPOB deputy, Alphonsus Uche Mefor, apprised Biafra proponents that Kanu would go live from Jerusalem, capital of Isreal. Mefor posted the statement on his facebook timeline.

From the video, Kanu was seen praying. He is on white and on Jewish attire as the camera captures him. There was also some men in Jewish cap who are also praying with him.' Ultimatetimestv blog understands. 

Kanu went missing in September last year after the military invaded his home in Abia state and there had not been any trace of him until now.

He was declared missing by his community in Abia state, after the alleged “Operation PythonvDance II” exercise by the Nigerian Army in the South East.

Many relatives of Kanu had also been allegedly declared missing by the Afara community in Umuahia following the invasion of his home by the Nigerian army.

Watch video below:

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