According to online reports, tragedic incidence occurred earlier today as a long coaster bus was involved in auto-crash which sadly claims 30 lives, including the driver, 18 corpse members, others.

Ultimatetimes Tv understand that 18 corps members reportedly lost their lives in accident which occurred at Mowe, while on their way to Lagos from Kaduna.

It was gathered that there was 30 passengers in the vehicle, and they all lost their lives including the driver. Twitter user @Lola_josh who shared report of death of the 18 corps members, wrote;

18 corpers lost their lives this early morning sad. They were 30 passengers, they all lost their lives including the driver. 18 corpers and other passengers including the drive didn’t make it. At mowe, coming from kaduna. On their way to lag from kaduna, they were rushed to osuth.

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