Following the trending video capturing the IPOB leader in Jerusalem while he is in prayer session. As the wave engulfed the internet. The Co-founder of ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ group, Adeyanju Deji has threatened to deal with Nnamdi Kanu mercilessly if he dares try to disturb the peace already existing in Nigeria since his disappearance.

Deji disclosed this statement on his Facebook fans page on Friday hours later the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Prince Nnamdi Kanu resurfaced in Jerusalem where he carried out brief prayer session and addressed group members.

He also threatened to extend his disciplinary action to Kanu's proponents who wants to  put Nigeria back to state it were around June to September 2017.

The political pressure group campaigner alleged that Kanu reappearance is traceable to lack of money.

Quote: “Let him just try any rubbish and see. I will deal with him and all of you combined.

“If he comes again with that his no election in Igbo land, then we all know who he is working for.

The guy’s greatest weakness is his love for money. Ask any of the SE governors, they will confirm this. The guy loves MONEY too much.

Hope he proves many of us wrong this time. “Some supporters of Nnamdi Kanu are already saying I’m saying rubbish.

Well, You guys haven’t even seen rubbish yet.Let him try any nonsense and see. You will see rubbish so tey, una go tire.

“The guy May be broke and need to cash out majorly in this election period.

One thing is very clear. Igbos have a major stake in this 2019 election. I will not spare anyone that works against the possibility of an Igbo VP in 2019 and potential 2023 Presidency. Mark my words.

Recall that ultimate times Tv earlier reported yesterday that the controversial leader of indigenous people of Biafra has reappeared in Jerusalem.

His resurfacing has become talk of the town as many controversy is making wave across the nation.