Following the issuance of WAEC certificate to President Mohammedu Buhari. Which Nigerians perceived as fraudulent because of unclear and Inveracity of Buhari.
The Facts Behind President Buhari's WAEC certificate.

1) In 2015 when president Buhari contested his first term and consequently won, he did all that without a valid SSCE result, which until pressure and controversy compelled him to produce a WAEC result with his recent passport on it. The result saw him with 8 credit including mathematics. (WAEC result below)

2) In 2015, Buhari claimed that the Military is still with his results and the military quickly responded to the claim that they had none of his academic credentials in their record. (this was contained in a press statement)

3) In 2015, Buhari allegedly bribed top judge to cover his faked WAEC certificate he presented (see no1). And had almost completed his first tenure and become the APC flagbearer to contest for the second tenure.

4) In 2018, as 2019 presidential poll fast-approach, the Waec certificate saga resurfaced which many concerned Nigerians are more interested haven seen the status quo and incessant recession of Nigeria.

5) The electoral body (INEC) told Nigerians to go to Court if they are not certified with credentials submitted by any of the candidates. This came as Buhari submits only affidavit. However, from facts available alleges that INEC is dependent to the ruling party, APC, with is undemocratic and unconstitutionally, unacceptable.

6) President Buhari told Nigerians that he don't have WAEC certificate but he will continue to be their president (vanguardngr reports).

7) There may be war if Buhari is not elected for the second term come 2019 poll, Lai Mohammed, the controversial minister of information and culture opined.

8) You have the right, Vote me out if you don't want me - president Buhari alleged.

9) Only idle and jobless people discuss Buhari's certificate issue - Presidency

10) The pressure is too much, the state of the nation highly unbearable, significant number of people lives in abject poverty ; Nigeria overtook India as World poverty capital ; extrajudicial killings and human rights violations ; dictatoral system of government ; then, Nigerians asked Buhari, "where is your certificate of Waec"? And the President debunked the necked truth, maintained that he has Waec certificate, listed his schoolmates (without convincing fact).

11) Due to the ill-journey to retain the presidential seat of government and perpetuate the tribulation facing almost the entire populace. The West African Examination Council issued another fresh certificate to him (different from no1). From the certificate he sat on 1961, he looked too aged (recent photograph) and we also digged his photograph of his days in the army, in 1975, where he looked too young.

Does it mean that Buhari is younger in 1975 and become aged in 1961??

12) the west African examination body has not been using passport on certificate, until recently, how come president Buhari who sat for Waec in 1961 had passport on the certificate?

13) How come president Buhari credited Igbo language and found mathematics missing in the recent certificate issued to him by waec on Friday, 2nd November, 2018? Unlike the first certificate which surfaced 2015 where he credited almost all the subjects?

14) How does Buhari has two different recent passport on the two purported certificate of WAEC (the 2015 and 2018)?

15) How was Buhari able to sat for Waec twice recently ?

Meanwhile, Ultimatetimes TV gathered that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has declared its plan to institute legal action the West African Examination Council, WAEC.

Special Adviser the President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, on Friday announced that the President had received the attestation certificate and confirmation of school certificate result from the West African Examination Council, WAEC.

However, in a statement made available to Ultimatetimestv  by IPOB’s media and publicity
secretary, Emma Powerful, on Friday, he said the Indigenous people of Biafra would take legal action against WAEC.

According to them, “the IPOB High Command have this evening, being November 2, 2018, informed our international lawyers in Ghana to commence immediate legal action against West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for issuing a fraudulent certificate.

“This blatant attempt to defraud the long suffering masses of Nigeria by WAEC through electoral interference is a crime against humanity.

“Buhari should have been disqualified by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for lack of proper qualification but they chose instead to coerce and/or induce WAEC into issuing a forged certificate.

“The world must know that Nigeria is a failed state on the precipice of total collapse into anarchy.

“What the fraudulent intervention of WAEC has done is to bring the moral decay at the heart of governance in Nigeria into international limelight.”