• APGA Candidate, Ibezi Accused Of Funding Cult Groups In Obosi Anambra State.

  • Cultism has remained one of the devastating and disastrous ideology that has continued to dis-stabilize our society today. The philosophy behind the emergence of the ideological practice has been maltransformed and the results has perpetuated diabolic activities which has kept our society in the state of unrest today.
    Today, youths has being strictly and cautiously advised to avoid indulging themselves in any form of cult related activities, especially in schools and other social institutions. But one thing is clear that today many lives has been wasted in the course. However, members has not benefited anything good from the acts instead they pay the ultimate prize by laying their lives on the line.
    In Nigeria, cultism is one of those negative behaviours that gives innocent citizens sleepless night. Both the young and old, the men and women are members of the groups.
    Obosi, a town In Anambra state in eastern Nigeria is known for its violence nature, nurtured by unscrupulous elements but before I continue. The upsurge of cultism in Obosi was fueled by many factors like when the incumbent traditional king Ezeiweka II contested for kingship position as kingship is subjected to rotatory method of selection.
    But Iweka was allegedly to have purchased arms for some group of cultist and thugs to bring down his rivals which he succeeded in doing but failed to disarm and call his subjects to order and they channelled their strengths towards cultism which has ending many lives untimely.
    A group Obosi youth Vanguard (OYV) is a group that campaign against cultism. This group headed by Anyaoku Oluchukwu who is indigenous to Obosi has continued to fight relentlessly and practically to break the shackles of cultism holding Obosi citizens to hostage ; but it was unfortunate and unjust as this group lacks support from Obosi Traditional Rulers/prominent Obosi citizens which is a questionable gesture and denoted possible skeleton on the cardboard.
    Today, OYV accused one All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate in the 2019 National Assembly elections Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Anthony Ibezi a.k.a "Alapa" a known member of the Black Axe confraternity since his days at IMT Enugu, has been fuelling the current cult war in Obosi.
    *Unabated Cult war in Obosi....., politically Motivated* . In Obosi, the rate at which cultism has pervaded the community remained unprecedented. A town once known as the bastion of peace, hospitality and serenity has become so scary to its residents
    and citizens.
    For weeks, the cult war in Obosi has persisted, leading to loss of lives and properties. About 12 Obosi youths were said to have lost their lives between 2018 and January 2019 in rival cult
    related clashes.
    This rival cult gangs have become so deadly that most Obosi Youths have to desert the town. The ongoing rival cult war in Obosi is said to be between Supreme Vikings Confraternity and Black Axe no doubt has some political connotations. Its an open secret that the All Progressive Grand Alliance candidate in the 2019 National Assembly elections Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Anthony Ibezi a.k.a "Alapa" a known member of the Black Axe confraternity since his days at IMT Enugu, has been fuelling the current cult war in Obosi community.
    An eye witness recalled that this candidate who hails from Abatete community also in Idemili North visited Obosi on the 30th December,2018 for a meeting with his cult group (Black Axe) behind St. Andrew's Anglican Church.
    It was after they have left that police arrived the venue chasing people and even arrested a middled-aged woman who supplies them with drinks and pepper soup. Obosi has suddenly become a haven for Ifeanyi Ibezi led cult group (Black Axe) with his frequent visit and their meetings in the town.
    We want to state unequivocally that this ongoing cult war orchestrated by the Apga candidate Ifeanyichukwu Anthony Ibezi a.k.a "Alapa" to disunite Obosi youths against their own, cause fear and make the citizens and residents of Obosi town afraid of going out to vote on the election day just to gain some political advantage is totally unacceptable. Enough is enough!!!
    The perpetrators of the killings led by Ifeanyichukwu Anthony Ibezi a.k.a Alapa Black Axe are walking freely branding arms freely because none of the culprits has been brought to book.
    We want to call on the Anambra state government and Commissioner of Police to wake up to its responsibility which is to protect lives and properties. If that is not done, we are going to be in a state of lawlessness in this community and Idemili at large.
    *Concerned Obosi Youths* .