Celebrated multi-award-winning high life and great artist, a Ghanaian in the person of Obuoba J.A. Adofo is one who from juvenile dedicated his life to God and loves God so much.
JA Adofo is the founder of Ghana City Boys  International Band around 1970 and released his first album the same year.
His songs is most loved by Nigerians. Ultimatetimes TV also learnt that JA Adofo junior is also a musician like his father.
In Ghana, apart from Canadoes super star music band ; City Boys Band is the most famous reputable talented international music group.
Adofo is said to be one of Ghana's world highlife musicians around. He has won several awards and had  performed on numerous world stages.
He also taught some USA varsity students how to play the guitar in 2004.
In 1990, he toured Europe as well as other African countries.
His biggest show was with Kekyere Kwame Appiah and Eric Agyemang in the United States.
His first music recognition was a pistol guitar awarded him in Nigeria. He later received a number of ACCRAG awards in 1978, 1791 1992 1993 and 1998 among others.
He was among the big names in the
creative art industry In 2008 who were honoured by
former President John Agyekum Kufuor.
Adofo has been in the music industry for over 40 years. He hinted that he was making a comeback with a new album in a few weeks time.
The former student of Obo Presbyterian Middle school started music from the Presbyterian Church when he used to sing as a chorister. However, it was senior musician Nana Ampadu who motivated him to pursue
music as a career.
After he completed school, he moved to Accra, where he met EK Nyame, also a musician. Every evening, when EK and his group rehearsed, Adofo went there to observe. After they finished, he swept there and also ran errands for EK ; and from there, he started developing uncompromising interest in music.
One day, EK asked him about himself and Adofo explained his affection for music to him. He asked him to sing, which Adofo did and EK was pleased.
EK later introduced Adofo to one Mr. Osarfo, a producer who was then in charge of Yamoah's band. Mr. Osarfo tested Adofo and he liked him. They recorded his first album 'Kwame Ancra Yie' in 1970.
Adofo is not quite happy about the latest trend of music in Ghana. He said during their time, there was a censorship board that always censor their music it is meant for public consumption.
He also added that he had issues with those who classified his music as 'worldly.'
He said there was nothing like worldly music or gospel music. Music, to him, was music. The classification of music, he said, was rather bringing division into the industry.
'I don't side with people who say some play worldly music. We have music that advice human and there is the one that consoles people.
The fact that we sing to advice people is an encouragement that God is happy about. We are not sinners if we sing to comfort, advice and console humans who were created in God's image.
If I hear people saying somebody is playing
worldly music, it sounds funny to me. You leave in a world God created and you are describing somebody's music as worldly.
What do they mean?'