The indigenous people of Biafra had called on all Igbos (Biafrans) by origin to boycott the forthcoming elections and have been seeking for a referendum which is yet to heeded by the deaf eared present government of Mohammedu Buhari, one of popular  dictators in Africa.

On the call by IPOB to shun the forthcoming elections, the order to boycott election is like shooting on your leg and you know what it implies, yes, it is proverbial and universally accepted that election boycott (political apathy) as a civil disobedience is one of the means to exercise seriousness on issue of, especially as regards to  self-determination.

But before you act with anger, you must have prepared for the repercussions and must also act according to circumstance. The incumbent president of Nigeria, President Mohammedu Buhari is a clueless, illogical, dictator, nepotistic and deceptive individual which most African countries are suffering similar fate. 

Africans have leadership problems which seemed having no end. However, since the inception of this administration led by Buhari's APC. The economy, political and social condition of the country has become more worse and almost unbearable for the citizens.

This issue of severe hardship started since 2015 to this extent as many have died of hunger, the rate of crimes unbearable and callous, terrorism, agitation among others.

In this sequel, for everlasting solution to be adopted, it must start from somewhere and must be a gradual process. Biafra have the right to selfgovernance and self-determination as enshrined by UDHR, even in constitution of Nigeria, but they should not wound themselves or make the situation worst due to anger.

Election must take place in Nigeria and Igbos (Biafrans) must partake ; to enable the suffering populace vote out bad government and install good (at least fair) leadership which may deem it necessary and of important to uphold the principles of democracy and good governance, which at the end of the day, the quest to restore Biafra will be feasible and achievable.

What if Igbos failed to participate in the forthcoming elections? The result will be more devastating and laments will follow suit. The result is that the vampire dictator Buhari known for violations and neglections to rule of law will continue to rule Nigeria for another four years and we wonder what would be the fate of Biafrans and Nigerians if such thing happens and as according to democratic majority rule and we said NO.

The controversy of the forged Waec certificate by Buhari should have conveyed the message of his seriousness to hold on the government come 2019 by all means which compelled him to collaborate with WAEC Nigeria in manufacturing his result.

Secondary, the issue of if the Person occupying the seat of President is the actual Buhari or Jibril from Sudan. This speculation of an impostor in Asorock had a strong and unverified evidence as Buhari is yet to refute the claim.

The contrasting and contradictory pictures/videos of Mohammedu Buhari released by IPOB to solidify and support their claims had become too convincing. This issue believably and optimistically will unfold one day and the world will know the truth.

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