Finally the rage of Nigeria's president Mohamedu Buhari certificate saga has continued following his declaration and, fortunately won the primary APC election against the forthcoming 2019 general election, which one would not be told that the pool may be one of Nigeria's most historic poll.

President Mohamedu Buhari who won and assumed office on 2015, transformed the epithet of governance alongside initiation and commencement of anti-corruption vanguards and disciplinary bureaucracy, which he is known for.

Mohammedu Buhari was a one time Nigeria's military governor. During the Muhammadu Buhari regime. General Muhammadu Buhari became head of state
after a coup d'├ętat on 31 December 1983 which ended the Nigerian Second Republic. He was replaced by General Ibrahim Babangida in a coup on 27 August 1985.

Buhari also at the same time headed Nigerian Petroleum Trust Fund from 1983-85. During his regime, he was known for his strict, despotic, dictatorship and deceptive tendency, where he initiated "BUHARISM", He and Idiagbon is a close friend and had governed Nigeria during the military regime.

They were known for locking up perceived enemies, oppositions and using political office/power for vengeance.

Buhari who happened to be confused about his academic background triggered media fire about his certificate. He said that his WEAC results were still in the custody of the army. He maintained that army took his certificate the time he joined the army.

Meanwhile, Nigerian army always debunk the claims by President Buhari, following the fast approaching presidential election. Buhari who happen to be APC flag bearer haven running for the second term after almost completing his first term without valid SSCE/WEAC results.


Since the inception of Buhari's administration, the economy, political and social stability has collapsed. The policies making systems is highly poor ; the economy has disstabilize, alot of political and social crisis and many more.

Nigerians appearantly have lost the fortitude to continue the journey as Nigeria has overtaken India as the world poverty capital with 80 percent people living in extremely poverty according to world poverty clock (WPC). From his first day in office begins a blame game. His administration recovered alot of loot from past administrations/predecessors which the account of the recovered loots has not been given.

His administration has blame that of the past for the rate of hardship troubling Nigeria presently. Many people committed su1cide during his first years to second (even till date), though we are humans capable of adapting to changes in life. Nigerians have, without doubt have adapted to the hardship.

Companies and big/small business firms, both local and foreign investors ran into unbearable liabilities and shut down de-employed almost 4milion Nigerians. These occurred following the inflation rate and currency value depreciation which unquestionably is still trembling Nigeria.

Today, 70percent of Nigerians has rejected him and has vowed to vote him out due to his incompetencies and poor leadership skills, poor academic qualification and appearant illiteracy  ; lopsided and nepotistic appointment and constantly defiling of democracy, violation of human rights and negligence to court orders among others.


But, Things seems to have taken shape as west Africa examination council (WAEC) has released his Waec certificate. The Registrar presented only the attestation
certificate because by law it cannot present a new certificate having allegedly issued the first one which the President said was with the Military Board.

Uwadiea came from the WAEC headquarters in Ghana to present the attestation certificate to the President in his mini conference hall.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Chief Femi Adesina in his twitter handle @FemAdesina wrote, “WAEC presents attestation certificate and confirmation of school certificate result to President Buhari. What will the naysayers say next?”

However, the primary election saw the two parties, the PDP and APC, and their candidates Atiku Waziri Abubarka and Mohammedu Buhari respectively as the major opponents.

Meanwhile, PDP, others has continued to Lambast and compel Buhari to present his certificate or get disqualified in accordance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Which a lawsuit has already been filed against Mohammedu Buhari at supreme Court of Justice Nigeria.

The APC camp have restored their strength against the wailing wailers and those making mockery of Buhari's certificate controversy.


From the delineation of the cert, Buhari's passport was seen, he got 9 credits and the certificate was of attestation and not the original. The passport appeared black and white, and pictured almost present aged Buhari.


Well, one should not be told of perceived close ally between the executive arm of the government, the present ruling political party and the electoral body (The independent national electoral commission). The facts and figures is there and intact, national INEC chairman is doing the will of the ruling party, with evidence of receival of bribes. (we will publish our facts including audio and video soon)

On Friday, the authorities of the West African Examinations Council presented President
Muhammadu Buhari with his WASSCE certificate in Abuja.

Then President Mohammedu Buhari goes on twitter via his handle @MBuhari to express his heartfelt gratitude and about his doubtful academic qualification.

The below contains his tweets

Today I received the attestation and
confirmation of my 1961 West African
School Certificate (WASC) Examination
result, from the Registrar of the West
African Examinations Council (WAEC). It was
also an opportunity for me to thank WAEC
for upholding its integrity over the years.

Replying to @MBuhari
As a Nigerian military officer, it would have
been impossible for me to have attended
the Defence Services Staff College in India
in 1973, and, after that - in 1979 - the
United States Army War College, had I not
sat for the WASC examinations, which I did
in 1961.

The late General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua was
my classmate. We spent close to nine years
in boarding school, at primary and
secondary levels. And from there, after our
WASC, we moved to join the Army, where
we had to take a military examination as
one of the requirements.

The authenticity of Buhari having obtained the compulsory certificate from the Council has being a subject of debate and discussions in the national
and political space.

Buhari in 2014 while campaigning to be Nigeria ’ s president , said his certificate was with the Nigerian

But , since his election as president in 2015 , the certificate saga became more intense as political opposition, especially the People ’ s Democratic Party ( PDP ) have accused the president of not being truthful about his certificate.

The PDP had said the president ’ s claim to be a man of integrity was false , noting that he was hiding the truth on the certificate issue.

“ The Buhari Presidency should know that their threats and confrontation cannot take away the fact that their
principal’ s certificate issue requires a personal responsibility and the President cannot wish away this
responsibility as he had always done on official matters, ”

PDP spokesman Kola Ologbondinyan said in a statement .

“ If Mr President has nothing to hide , he should end the confrontations and show integrity by writing the military authorities to make the certificate public. ”

Presidential spokesman, Adesina had earlier stated that the Nigerian Military said it had lost Buhari’'s certificate.

“ The military knew where they kept the original certificates of the president . In fact , a former chief of
Defence Staff, Gen . Alani Akinrinade , corroborated that the military collected the original certificates of all its officers . ”

The military already said they lost the certificates . But does it mean that it did not exist that the president went to school, sat for examinations and passed ; attended military courses and War College ?, ” Adesina said.

Also president Buhari in 2015 was alleged to have bribed a chief Judge to cover up his WAEC...READ MORE HERE