Due to raged controversy and propaganda in the nation as 2019 election draws nearer. Our editorial has came across a video showing the moment two Nigerian men were caught on camera exchanging heavy blows while arguing about President Muhamamdu Buhari.

The two unidentified men who are obviously from the northern part of Nigeria were speaking about the
president in Hausa dialect when the fight broke out between them publicly.

The young men were discussing about the status quo of the nation and one of them proceeded to lament bitterly explaining that the country has become worse
under the leadership of Buhari.

However, the other man disagreed and.warned him not to speak of the president in that manner because Buhari is a good leader.

Their disagreement led to a bitter argument which soon turned physical fight.

The two men then exchanged blows and observers had to intervene. The video was shared on Facebook by Aishat Alubankudi.