Residence of Ire village in Obosi Anambra state was thrown into confusion as unknown gunmen killed two yesternight.

According to reports gathered by Ultimatetimes TV correspondent who spoke with an eyewitness.

Quoting the eyewitness:

"I was in one of the shops adjacent to the scene where the assassination took place, we heard series of gunshot which generated anxiety as people took to their heels".

Our correspondent also enquired the identity of the young men who was killed. The targeted deceased identified as EDE ke Obi Udoka Micheal, according to information we gathered was once a notorious cultist and an online fraudster who happened to be a wanted person after he committed murder around 2015 and fled to Ghana.

However, he seemed to have acquired wealths in Ghana and had arrived Obosi and unfortunately he was killed after he attended funeral ceremony in Ire Village in Obosi. He was also said that he will be getting married on December 29th.

The other young man named Somtochukwu who accompanied him was also killed by the assassins.

Below is the photo of the deceased (Udegbunam Micheal)