By Kene Fidelis, 

Gonorrhea From Toilet Seat,

Medical investigators have found that germs of gonorrhea can survive on toilet seats or toilet paper for two to three hours, when contaminated by pus from an infected person. 

Theoretically therefore they declared toilet seats, especially in public toilets  are possible sources of contacting gonorrhea. In practice, they found no germs from 72 random samples from toilet seats in public rest rooms. 

It is pertinent to note this source of infection in our own and other developing countries where general and personal hygiene standards are very low. 

However, many recent medical reports suggest that gonorrhea can not be contacted on a toilet seat but only through exchange of bodily fluids, oral sex, anal sex or vagina sex. 

In a situation whereby toilet seat or toilet paper is infected by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, toilet users are susceptible to the bacteria for the fact that the bacteria lives 2 to 3 hours before it dies because it only survives successfully on a host. 

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