WhatsApp is a social media platform developed by Koum after he left Yahoo in 2009. He actually coined the name from "whats up" where people can quick chat and interact easily. However, the founder of Facebook later purchased the platform for $19 Billion. 


      WhatsApp image

Since it sold off, WhatsApp has been undergoing series of fascinating transformation to improve user experience by incorporating new features; some of these features are video call, business WhatsApp, etc which limits the ability of some operating system to make use of the chatting App. However, this development necessitated the decision to end the phones built with those operating systems such as Java, Blackberry, and Windows OS. 

WhatsApp has announced that it would stop working on all Windows smartphones as from December 2019. This development ensured after WhatsApp effected the decision to exclude Blackberry and Java Phones from WhatsApp which took effect from June 1st, 2018.

However, what it means is that the chatting app will no longer function on all mobile phones running on Windows operating system, Daily Mail reports.

Whatsapp also state that some features of the app may stop working at any time before the service is totally  stopped on Microsoft powered devices.


“You’ll no longer be able to use all
Windows Phone operating systems after
December 31, 2019,” they wrote.
“Because we no longer actively develop
for these operating systems, some
features might stop functioning at any
time,” the company said.

The resolution to shut down services on all window enabled mobile devices is coming after Microsoft announced in 2017, seven years after it launched its mobile operating system, that its work on Windows 10 mobile is almost coming on edge of termination.